Monday 15 July, 2019

Griffith unbothered by death threats made against him and his wife

“Let them come, I will deal with them.”  

That’s the warning from Police Commissioner Gary Griffith to “bullies” who have made threats to behead him and kill his wife, Nicole Dyer-Griffith.

An anonymous caller phoned in the threat to the Police Service’s Command Centre around 1.30 am today.

In the recorded call, a man called on Griffith to appear in court for defamation of character against him. The caller said if Griffith failed to show he would chop off his head and kill his wife.

However, Griffith tells LoopTT that he is unbothered by these “expected” threats.

“There are a lot of people who would like to see me dead. Instead of wasting the time of my staff by calling E999 and at the Command Centre and frustrating them, if they want to do something they know where to find me.”

Griffith said he would be ready and waiting for these individuals, adding that he will have a welcome gift for them.

He said he expected that these kinds of threats would be made when he became the Commissioner of Police.

He said given the firm stance he has taken on treating white collar crime, illegal drugs, weapons, and securing the country’s borders, he expects that this would not be the last threat made on his life.

Griffith made it clear, however, that this would not deter him from bringing criminals to justice and putting an end to their activities.

“If they feel that by trying to threaten me it’s going to pull me back from doing it, it is just going to strengthen my resolve to do more to be able to put a degree of stability and safety and security in this country.”

The Police Commissioner promised to bully the bullies.

“The fact of the matter is that most of the individuals doing this are bullies. They have bullied society and law-abiding citizens because they felt that they have firearms and they could do what they want, say what they want, act how they want.

"The last thing a bully wants is to be bullied. This is what I am doing. So when bullies are bullied this is what you should expect from them because they are very upset because they are not accustomed to having what they have done to law-abiding citizens for years, done to them.”

Asked about concerns over the safety of his wife given that the she was named in the threat, Griffith said he would be more concerned for the person behind the threat.

“I would be more concerned about the safety of those persons who are threatening my wife, than myself. My wife is very capable and she knows exactly what to do.

"I would advise them that they have a better chance in trying to deal with me than my wife.

“I am taking the fight for the law-abiding citizens and I would bully them to submission within the law and they would be upset about it, but I have no sense of concern because apart from myself, the team that I have is better trained, we are more qualified, we have better firepower, better tactical training, we have numerical superiority.”  

A minor has since been arrested and charged in connection with a separate set of death threats made against the Commissioner a day earlier. 


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