Wednesday 11 December, 2019

Guitarist Tony Voisin dies

The music fraternity was again plunged into mourning on Thursday when the news broke that Tony Voisin had died.

Voisin, a legendary Charlie's Roots musician, passed away following a long illness.

Nephew of the late parang queen Daisy Voisin, He was known for his distinctive sound, influencing generations of musicians. 

His work appeared on a range of albums and singles such as the late Mighty Duke’s 21st Century Man, Gabby’s ‘Til Now, Gillo’s Ban Fai, Raw Kaiso Volumes One and Two and Big Up, the Grammy-nominated album by British reggae group Aswad.

In his spare time,  Voisin volunteered as a music teacher at the Birdsong Music School, then located in Tunapuna.

The news of Voisin's passing sent shockwaves across the music community as it followed the news that calypsonian Brigo had died. 

Among those recounting Voisin's impact on their career was Jointpop frontman Gary Hector. 

"man...i tell you...yea everybody know im a rock n roll man. what a lot of people don't know is how much i "soaked in " the work of David Rudder and Charlies Roots..I mean the band was a "BAND".. i could name them could turn up one night and " NOTICE" if a member missing...I would go to "gigs"...not fetes .. I would stare at Tony Voisin and Junior Wharwood on them two Les Paul guitars all night if im watching Keith Richards and Ron Wood... to me it made no difference..i always tell Rudder that they were a rock n roll soul calypso band.. back when i had dreams of being some "guitar player"..i had a subscription for Guitar Player magazine.. and i was so proud to see an article on the two men ..IN Guitar player not sure if that ever happened to a guitar player BASED in now the two men are no longer with us in SWEET TnT..but...thats why we bleed to record it can be around forever...thats all we do...they and US..we are not STARS...thats something else..that's all we are.
met them both a few times...absolute cool GENTLEMEN.," he wrote. 





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