Tuesday 16 October, 2018

Harry's Water Park defends facility after viral post of injured girl

Harripersad Ragoonanan, owner of Harry’s Water Park, is defending his facility’s safety record after a young girl was injured on one of the slides.

Speaking to Loop about the injury, an account of which has gone viral on Facebook, Ragoonanan said people need to obey the rules.

“If you watch the video, she fold her foot and hold on top and pull off with a speed. You are supposed to lie down with your hands behind your head,” he said.

“We had over 2000 people pass through the park for the whole holiday with no incidents. Once people obey the rules and regulations you will have no problem,” he said, stating that the slides carry a disclaimer noting that people are free to participate on the slides at their own risk.

On Friday, a woman by the name of Tiffaney Griffith posted an account of an incident on one of the slides at the water park that left her daughter, Meghan Pace injured. The post has gone viral with over 11,000 shares.

“My daughter went on her first slide. It was for ages 15 and over. The lifeguard at the bottom told her to use either one of the two slides on her left. Meg was the only rider and she watched her go up to come down.  The slide is supposed to have water shooting upwards on it to slow the descent of the rider. As you can see in the video, it did not. Therefore, Meghan came full speed down and straight into a metal bar at the bottom,” she wrote.

“The screaming in agony from Meghan was horrible to hear and the same lifeguard commented "that the water should have slowed her down" (obviously she, the lifeguard knew that one of the slides was not working properly and got them mixed up!!) The lifeguards proceeded to rush Meghan to Rio Claro medical where I was sure her feet were broken and her back hurt badly.  It is only with a lot of prayer that she "walked" away from this with bad tissue damage and nothing broken. A miracle really.”

The upset mother said her daughter has been unable to walk since only with the aid of crutches as both feet were hit hard. She will return to Abu Dhabi, where they live, in a wheelchair.

She said she got a text message from one of the lifeguards the following day to say that they discovered the slide malfunctioned and they were sorry.

Ragoonanan told Loop the bar at the bottom of the slide is made with fiberglass and is normal on slides to keep the water in.

He said contrary to the woman’s account, the water was working as it should on the slide and there was no malfunction.

Asked to comment on the Lady’s claim that he has been ignoring her calls, Ragoonanan said he missed her calls as they were made during peak time when he was dealing with customers. He said he has since reached out to the woman via whatsapp and apologised. He said on the day of the incident he refunded the family their money and his relatives went to the hospital with them.

He said he did direct the woman to submit the medical claims to Maritime Insurance under which the Park is insured.

Ragoonanan assured that his park has been inspected and even the water has been tested by Cariri.

“I go out of the way for people. I start off selling milk house to house, this is God’s work here. I there for the people, I doing this for the people,” he said.

UPDATE: Ragoonanan said his insurance company Maritime will contact Griffith and her daughter. He again apologised for the incident.