Wednesday 23 September, 2020

HDC to head team charged with preventing repeat of La Horquetta floods

HDC staff assist in clean-up efforts following La Horquetta floods on August 2.

HDC staff assist in clean-up efforts following La Horquetta floods on August 2.

The Housing Development Corporation (HDC) will be taking the lead in a team comprising the Ministry of Works and Transport and the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation to identify and address the cause of Sunday’s extreme flooding.

This comes after a short period of intense thunder showers produced flash flooding and street flooding in parts of East Trinidad including Tecoma Boulevard and Ladybird Avenue in La Harquetta.

“While the community has experienced flash flooding in the past and the water usually receded quickly, residents have indicated that Sunday’s incident was unexpected and the area had not flooded to that extent before.”

Flood waters reportedly entered some houses causing damage to property. The HDC said once its Emergency Response Team was apprised of the situation, a clean-up crew was immediately mobilised to sanitise the affected homes.

Meanwhile, the HDC said it intends to implement measures to prevent a similar occurrence.

“In the same way that the HDC was able to implement effective mitigation strategies such as the berm, elevation of roads and the widening of drains at Greenvale Park to treat with that community’s flooding issue, it is the HDC’s hope that similar solutions will be implemented after this assessment in La Horquetta.”

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