Friday 30 October, 2020

Health Ministry adds email address for COVID-19 results

Photo: iStock

Photo: iStock

People awaiting COVID-19 test results can now email the Health Ministry to check for their results.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram said during today's COVID-19 response media briefing that the new email address is another way for health officials to be able to look up results for people who are still waiting. 

Dr Parasram said the new email address is

'In terms of persons having outstanding test results, what we have done is added another communication arm, so instead of only calling the CMOH offices or Trinidad Public Health Lab directly, we've added an email address that persons can email into.'

One must include the following information when sending the email:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone contact
  • Place where you were swabbed and
  • Date you were swabbed. 

Dr Parasram said this email is being checked on a daily basis during the week, Monday to Friday, at the Trinidad Public Health Lab.

'Once we have an email with all the information on it, they will look int the database, see if they can get a result. That result will then be sent to CMOH offices if it has not already been sent, and the CMOH office will call that individual to give them their result, confidentially.'

Test results are confidential and can only be given to those who were tested or their next of kin. 

Anyone who has developed symptoms of COVID-19, should call the hotline 877-WELL or 800-WELL (9355) for further guidance.

Anyone who is severely ill, should call the 811 (emergency hotline) or call ahead to the Accident and Emergency Department of the nearest hospital for help and go in immediately.

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