Wednesday 26 June, 2019

Health Ministry issues statement on nationwide recall of Brazilian corned beef

"Effective Thursday, March 23, 2017, the Ministry of Health, through the Chemistry/Food and Drugs Division, is issuing a nationwide recall of all corned beef, chicken patties and chicken nuggets originating from Brazil. This is to ensure that the safety and health of the population at large are protected."

"This recall is not applicable to processed meat products which originated from other countries. The Ministry of Health will be conducting inspections to ensure that the sale and distribution of the products listed above are discontinued immediately. These inspections will be conducted at all retail and wholesale outlets. The use of these products in food service establishments also constitutes a breach of this recall. Consumers who have purchased corned beef, chicken patties or chicken nuggets made in Brazil are urged to dispose of these products or to return them to the place of purchase if they are in possession of a valid receipt."

The Ministry is advising the public to report any concerns relating to this matter to the Chemistry/Food and Drugs Division at the telephone contact 800-CFDD (2333).


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