Wednesday 19 February, 2020

Health Ministry: No bio-hazardous waste dumped in St Augustine

The Health Ministry has assured that illegally dumped waste at an empty lot at Psalm Drive, off St John Road, St Augustine was not bio-hazardous.

Residents in the area highlighted the matter on Monday by contacting the Community Based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (CEPEP).

CEPEP Chairman Ashton Ford told LoopTT the workers could not remove the waste as they were unsure of what kind of waste was heaped in the pile of trash, which originated from the St Augustine Private Hospital.

A private contractor was hired by the hospital to dispose of the rubbish.

The Health Ministry has since served the party responsible for the illegal dumping with a Litter Removal Order, in accordance with the Litter Act.

Officials from the Office of the County Medical Officer of Health for St George East conducted an investigation and noted that the illegally dumped waste did not contain any bio-hazardous waste.

Their investigations included an examination of the private hospital's waste disposal practices to ensure that they are in accordance with best practice. Persons in the area of the illegally dumped waste were also interviewed.  

The Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government was contacted in order for the regional corporation to take relevant action with regard to illegal dumping at the site. 

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