Wednesday 24 October, 2018

Heavy cargo truck shipments stalled while Cabo Star dry-docked

Truckers carrying loads of goods weighing over 7,000 kgs will not be able to transport their goods to Tobago while the Cabo Star goes on dry-dock from September 20-30, 2018.

Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan clarified during a sitting of the Senate on Friday that although the T&T Spirit would be in operation during the dry-docking of the Cabo Star, because it is a passenger vessel it would only be able to transport vehicles weighing under 7,000 kgs.

However Sinanan said that stakeholders in Trinidad and Tobago would have been given ample time to send their shipments before the dry-docking period.

"This dry-docking was planned and the stakeholders both in Trinidad and Tobago would have been consulted.”

“Everyone was informed that everyone that the cargo to go on T&T Spirit would have to be cargo that has to be less than 7,000 kgs for this period.”

“There have been additional trips and up to the day before the vessel went into dry-docking, significant volumes were utilized on the cargo vessel, so it is anticipated that the T&T Spirit will take the cargo that is below 7,000 kgs,” he said.

The Trinidad and Tobago Inter-Island Ferry Service (TTIT) said in a statement issued September 5 that the Cabo Star would be dry-docked from September 20-30 at the Caribbean Dry-Dock yard.

TTIT said that prior to the dry-docking, the Cabo Star did additional routes on Saturdays from August 26-September 15, 2018.

“Additional sailing of the MV Cabo Star was scheduled on Saturdays during the period Saturday, August 26 to September 15, 2018. Vehicles up to 7,000 kgs will be accommodated on the T&T Spirit during this period of drydocking.”

“Sailing of the T&T Spirit on September 26 during the dry-docking period was scheduled.”

“The Cabo Star is a cargo vessel, the T&T Spirit is a passenger vessel, however vehicles up to 7,000 kgs will be accommodated,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Galleon's Passage recently docked in Tobago on September 15 after adjustments were made to the ramp. The journey lasted approximately four hours. 

There is as yet no confirmation as to when the Galleon's Passage will be put into service. 


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