Sunday 18 August, 2019

Heavy rainfall damage roofs, flood homes in Arima

Fire Officers tend to roof at Ackbarali Street, Malabar.

Fire Officers tend to roof at Ackbarali Street, Malabar.

Two homes have received major structural damage in Arima, while several others had to undergo minor repairs following Wednesday’s heavy showers. 

Mayor Lisa Morris-Julian and the Arima Borough Council have been touring several parts of the borough to assist those who have been affected with the help of the Arima Borough Corporation and Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service.

Morris-Julian expressed concern about the damage caused to structures in the electoral district but said mechanisms are in place to treat with issues which may arise should heavy rainfall persist.”

“The situation in Arima is quite grim [with] the consistent rain, so we are looking at the river levels. I’m also concerned about the high winds. I am hopeful and I am praying that good weather will hit us by weekend, if not we have contingency plans in place. Our disaster unit team is on the floor, the councillors are on the round, we will get through this.”

The Arima Mayor said just over 30 people were affected by the flooding with only eight roofs with minor damage.

“This morning, the last count was 34 people but only 8 roofs. What is happening is a lot of people are experiencing leaky roofs so they needed help with mattresses, tarpaulins. As I said before, the councilors are on the ground. They are making sure that the needs of the burgesses, that they’re being serviced. I am just worried about the landslips and the river bursting its banks.”

Mayor Morris-Julian said several roofs have been repaired by firemen and the Corporation.  She said members of the council along with the Disaster Management Unit at the Arima Borough Corporation, have assisted affected burgesses with supplies and building material.

The mayor also noted reports of flooding at Tumpuna Gardens but said it has since subsided.  She noted, however, that the Arima River had earlier burst its banks and is presently under observation as the water continues to run at a high level. 

Mayor Morris-Julian is cautioning burgesses to remain on high alert and to contact their councillors in case of any emergency.

“Call your councillor; we are the first line of response. We have our numbers on Facebook, you can easily find us. The Arima Borough Council Community page, just reach out to us, we will be there. You can also call the disaster unit but your councillors are on standby.”

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