Saturday 22 February, 2020

Helon Francis is the new Calypso Monarch

There is a new Calypso Monarch in town and his name is Helon Francis. 

Francis was announced the winner of the Calypso Monarch competition in the early hours of Carnival Monday morning.

Francis wowed the judges with his song 'Change' which calls for us to be the change we want to see. 

The 24-year-old honey-voiced singer beat Soca Monarch Aaron 'Voice' St Louis into second place. 

The top three placings were dominated by youth with Rondell Donawa taking the third spot. 

Last year's champ Chalkdust was in last place. 

Duane O'Connor, who was included in the competition at the last minute after he filed an injunction against TUCO for leaving him out of the finals, placed seventh.

Here are the results in ascending order:

17: Chalkdust

16: Skatie
15: Sugar Aloes
14: Singing Sandra.
13: Stacey sbers
12: Mista Shak
11: Lady Watchman
10: Kurt Allen
9: Stinger and Karene Asche
7: Duane O'Connor
6: Myron B and Tigress
4: Protector
3: Rondell Donawa
2 Voice
1 Helon Francis

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