Thursday 26 November, 2020

Help Gabinia get certified in Occupational Therapy

Gabinia Rayside has completed her Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy, but she needs significant financial assistance to actually access her certificate. 

The 26-year-old has been working hard at her degree at the University of the Southern Caribbean (USC), Gabinia explained that she had big dreams once she’s able to start working in her field. 

“It’s really about helping people live their lives independently despite whatever physical or mental restrictions they may have. It’s a helping profession that I’m really passionate about,” she said. 

As a volunteer in the field, Gabinia said the exposure has spurred her on even more. Seeing those who need the help without the ability to properly access it is a large part of why she’s such a strong advocate. 

“I just believe that I’m a helpful person and that this is the profession I should function in. 

“I really see myself making a name for occupational therapy. I want to be very active and be an advocate for it. I am especially interested in stroke rehabilitation and neurological rehabilitation. There are so many people that think once you get a stroke, it’s over, but that’s not true. Quality of life can be restored,” she implored. 

Helping special needs children is also a priority for Gabinia, she believes the door is open for patients to lead more hopeful, independent lives once they have the right training. 

Gabinia’s degree is not funded by the Government Assistance for Tertiary Education (GATE) programme. So far and on her own, she’s been able to pay off the bulk of her $160,000 in fees.  

She’s hoping that citizens and corporate entities can help her pay off the remaining $50,000 so she’ll finally get her certificate. 

You can donate to Gabinia’s GoFundMe account or through her bank account; Gabinia Rayside – Republic Bank Limited, account number: 870021800131. 

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