Wednesday 8 April, 2020

Help on the way for Mayaro pensioner living in dilapidated shack

Update: Mayaro MP Rushton Paray and Councillor Kyron James have visited an elderly man who lives in a dilapidated shack in Mayaro in an attempt to assist him.

Paray said however that the man does not own the house he has been living in for the past 40 years, and as such, doing repairs to the house will need the permission of the owners. 

However, the Ministry of Social Development (Department of Aging) visited and have started the process to look at grant assistance.

"We discussed opportunities to assist with house repairs. However, the occupier has no legal status for either the house or land at this time. This will prove to be a challenge since without the owner's approval, you can't pound one nail without being served," Paray said.

He said the pensioner is in fairly good health and is on his own 99 percent of the time.

"He does receive assistance from his neighbours. In the current circumstance, for his own safety and welfare, he should be relocated to the Home for the Aged in order to have full time assistance."

However, Paray said the state has to make that call since the elderly man cannot and does not want to be relocated at this time.

The officials stepped in to help after a viral video was shared to social media by Facebook page ‘T&T Hardcore Truth', showing him living in a dilapidated shack without electricity or proper flooring in a viral video.

The home lacks proper flooring, windows, and has no electricity or water.

The man, who was not named in the video but is reportedly located along St Ann’s main road in Mayaro, said he had applied to the government for aid but has not had any success in receiving aid to date.

Mayaro man living in dilapidated shack

Paray said that he is aware that numerous persons have applied for grants but due to one reason or other, have not yet received aid.

Citizens begged for help for the elderly gentlemen, while others said they would be willing to assist.

Lennox Giorgetti:

“How can I help?”

Vidya Budhlall:

“Guys if u want to help let’s…start organising. Let’s see how many of you are willing to walk the talk.”

Sharon Henry:

“This is so sad to see the conditions this gentleman is living under, I pray that he will be given some type of assistance.”

Shenice Cadogan:

Heart breaking story...hats of to the news staff on trying your best bringing the hard core news as it comes...i pray hope he gets help as soon as possible...if a man want to really help someone he won't ask if but an maybe or ask y u don't try to change your past...this is his future an he needs help now!”

Kisha Phillip:

“This is the people who need help but its not so (easy) for them. But the ones that have is the ones that getting help always backward.”

Cmary Trotman:

Omg this is sad no one should be living like this.

Marcelina White:

“We need to stop looking at others to help. What ever little thing we do can help. We shake our heads and then spend money on fast food etc. That's some nails at least.”

Persons wishing to assist can contact councillor Kyron James at 789-3638 or Mayaro MP Rushton Paray’s office at 223-9229.


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