Wednesday 15 July, 2020

Hindu college slammed for Islamophobia

The Waajihatul Islaamiyyah (Islamic Front) has spoken out in condemnation of an incident at the Lakshmi Girls’ Hindu College in which a Muslim woman assigned to the school through the On the Job Training programme was asked to remove her hijab before she could enter the compound.

Nafisah Nakhid, who was assigned to teach Mechanical Engineering, went to the St Augustine school where she was not allowed to enter unless she remove the religious head covering.

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The woman left the school’s compound and reported the matter to the department which assigned her to teach at the Hindu college.

The Islamic Front says the incident was an instance of Islamophobia and a deliberate act done out of disregard of Islam, and by extension Muslims.

The Muslim group further expressed shock over what it labelled “archaic thinking” and “disrespect of a person’s religious rights”.

The religious group has stated its intention to pursue the matter in an effort to prevent “disrespect and disregard for Muslims religious rights”, which it says will no longer be infringed upon in T&T.

“No Institution in this country Public or otherwise should have policies and rules contrary to the constitution and laws of Trinidad and Tobago. Every creed and race must be given an equal place.”

The group recalled that while General Secretary of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) Sat Maharaj said trainees must accept the school's dress code, in November 2011, in listing his grievances against the principal, he accused her of not conforming to the school’s dress codes, stating that he had “seen the panty lines of her female assistant”.

“If a Hindu OJT teacher were to have reported to work in her traditional Saree - head covered - would she have been allowed to continue?” the group questioned.

It’s now calling for justice for the young woman, as it says based on a similar situation a few years ago, justice has to be delivered.


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