Sunday 25 October, 2020

Baby Sophia rescued hours after being taken from mom

Baby Sophia being held safely in the arms of a police officer who helped rescue her.

Baby Sophia being held safely in the arms of a police officer who helped rescue her.

Nine-month-old Sophia Rivas has been rescued. 

Baby Sophia was found at a house along McInroy Street, Curepe, at about 10.50pm on Tuesday night in the company of the 19-year-old woman who allegedly kidnapped her. 

She appeared to be in good spirits and was not harmed. However, she was taken for medical examination to confirm this. 

Three men, who were in the apartment at the time, were also taken into custody. All four suspects are expected to be questioned today. 

Police said that a ransom of $20,000 was demanded, however, it was not paid. 

The operation which resulted in the rescue was led by Senior Supt. Simon and Supt. Mystar. It also included ASP Michael Pierre, Insp Raghoo, Sgt Nelson, Sgt Basant, Sgt Andrew, Sgt Cielto, Sgt Badree, and others from the Central Division. 

Assistance was also provided by officers from the Anti Kidnapping Unit, the Special Investigations Unit, the Cyber Crime Unit, and the Northern Division. Sgt Andrews is continuing investigations. 

Police were told that Baby Sophia was kidnapped at about 7.30am on Tuesday from her apartment in Chaguanas. 

Her mother, an 18-year-old Venezuelan national, told police that the 19-year-old woman, who she was familiar with, came to the apartment and the two had a friendly chat. She then offered to take Baby Sophia to the nearby supermarket to buy her a treat, and so that the mother could get some time for herself. 

While CCTV cameras did show the woman in the store, she was subsequently seen leaving the supermarket in a silver station wagon. 

After realizing her child had not returned, the 18-year-old woman raised an alarm, and notified the police. 

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