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Thursday 13 August, 2020

How to grow your four marijuana plants

As of Monday, it’s now legal to grow four marijuana plants of any gender in Trinidad and Tobago. Especially since it’s still not legal to buy cannabis just yet, you’re going to have to rely on your own green thumb for your supply.  

Loop News did some research and here’s how you can grow your own marijuana trees. 

A website called, Grow Weed Easy, says you need five key components, light, proper temperatures, air circulation, reflection and some measure of humidity. 

Each of these factors are needed in very specific amounts. 


Light: Bright, but not too bright 

The amount and type of light provided when growing cannabis dictates very important features of the plant, including its yield and its shape.  

More intense light promotes fatter buds, larger plants and greater yields. Now, keep in mind that the local law still states that you’re only allowed 30 grammes of cannabis, so while you want to ramp up your lights, you’ll still need to be careful to curb the yield. 

Some growers use LED lights to control brightness and for optimal growing. 


Grow Weed Easy says, “If it’s comfortable for you, it’s comfortable for your plants.”  

This means that when it comes to growing temperatures, conditions can’t be too hot or too cold. On average, you’re looking at between 20-30 degrees Celsius.  

Keep in mind, the best place to grow cannabis is indoors, where you get to control the conditions. Especially in tropical Trinidad and Tobago, the more you can control is the better your plants can grow. 

Air Circulation 

Air circulation may sound like an odd thing to worry about for plants, but it matters quite a lot. 

A consistent gentle breeze means your plants grow faster. With the Cannabis Control Bill not going to a Joint Select Committee until January 2020, you may want speed to be in your favour. 

The breeze doesn’t have to directly face the plants, but an oscillating fan could be useful in your grow room. 


The need for reflection works in tandem with the need for light.  

You don’t want to have your grow room be a dark space with bright LED lights shining down. The more advisable condition is to have white or near white walls that can absorb and reflect extra lights onto your plants. 

Flat, white, latex paint offers the most suitable condition for light reflection and projection. 


Not to be confused with temperature, humidity plays an important role in your plants’ wellbeing.  

The key thing to note is that different humidity levels are needed at different stages of growth. Humidity also matters when it comes to resin production.  

This is another spot where you must keep the law in mind, as you’re only allowed 5 grammes of resin.  

Remember, humidity levels that are too high or low can cause slow growth. Too high can also cause buds to rot or grow mold, too low can cause leaf stress. 

If the changes to the Dangerous Drugs Act lead you to explore your inner gardener, some more light reading and information based on climates can prove to be useful on your journey. 

Keep in mind the regulations still attached to the law and who knows, maybe you’ll become the go-to marijuana tutor in your area. 

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