Thursday 17 October, 2019

Humiliated Raj sues over chutney song

A man who was featured in a recent viral video has initiated legal action against a chutney artiste who made a song about the incident.

The man, known only as "Raj", has issued a legal letter through his attorney Wendy Ramnath-Panday, to chutney singer Kenneth Supersad over his song "De Raj Story".

"Raj" rose to fame when a video circulated on social media showing him parked in a white van with a woman, while another woman who claimed to be his wife accused him of being unfaithful.

Supersad's song and video is a parody of the incident, which Ramnath-Panday said has caused great distress and humiliation to her client.

Furthermore, she said Supersad had even offered to pay "Raj" to appear on stage with him as he performed the song.

In the legal letter, Ramnath-Panday disputed the allegations made by the wife in the video.

She said her client was fully clothed and not engaging in any intimate activity when the video was taken. She said the woman in the vehicle with "Raj" was a friend.

"Several misrepresentations and misleading statements made by the Respondent in the video in particular where it has been expressly stated that at the material time my client was involved in an extramarital affair with another woman," she said.

"Due to the sensational and obscene language and accusations made by the Respondent which were words by their ordinary and natural meaning were meant and understood to mean that the Petitioner had recently had sexual intercourse with a woman in his motor vehicle and was conducting an extramarital affair with the said person for on or about fourteen months, these accusations are now issues for determination by a High Court Judge."

The attorney said Supersad's song repeats words and events that are now evidence in divorce proceedings between "Raj" and his wife and no permission was sought from him to use his name and details of the event in the song and video.

"I am instructed that without ascertaining the truth or seeking permission from my client to repeat his name and use the details of the video you have authored a sound recording which seeks to satirise my client by exposing him to ridicule and has damaged his reputation and caused him considerable hurt, distress and embarrassment."

She also cautioned that section 22 of the Matrimonial Proceedings and Property Act prohibits persons from printing or publishing any particulars in relation to matrimonial proceedings.

Persons found to be in contravention of this is liable to a fine or other penalties.

"Raj" and his attorney are demanding that Supersad cease performing the song as the matter is sub judice and not a matter of public interest.

This latest "chutney bacchanal" comes on the heels of public criticism and controversy surrounding another chutney song titled "Rowlee Mudda Count" by singer Nermal "Massive" Gosein.

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