Sunday 8 December, 2019

Customer allegedly denied doubles over payment in coins

One hungry Trinidadian discovered, to his disappointment, that his 25-cent pieces were not good enough tender for a Caroni doubles vendor.

Joseph Jordan Jr said in a public Facebook post last week Friday that he went to a doubles man in Caroni on January 5 and tried to pay for four doubles with 25 cents after he forgot his wallet at home.

However, he said the doubles vendor refused him, claiming the coins were not accepted in stores.

“On Friday 5th January 2018, I anxiously started my journey to the doubles man (in Caroni). While in transit, I realized that, unfortunately, I forgot my wallet home.”

Hungry and craving that exact doubles, desperation kicked in. I thought of who I might know in the area that I can get money one.  I thought of the possibility of coincidentally meeting someone at the doubles stand that I know...... slim chance. Then it hit me! I have a compartment- full of coins, mostly 25c pieces. Bingo!”

“I counted 80 25c pieces which would give me 4 doubles- it amounted to 1 handful. I proceeded to the doubles stand and realized that they had just finished setting up. I was the first customer!  I greeted them and informed them that I'll be eating 4 doubles and will be paying with 25c pieces as I forgot my wallet at home, and I showed them the money in my hand.”

“After a pause and the 2 men looking at the money in my hand like it's a firearm, one responded, "Nah we can't take that because they don't accept that in a grocery."

“Totally surprised, I responded, "Yuh joking right?" The other man responded, "We cah take dat now because we now starting to sell for the day."

“I stayed that for about a minute, politely protesting while they stood their ground. This was a total low blow to me,” Jordan Jr said.

The disappointed customer said he would never purchase from them again but decided to share a video of the vendor in question.

Of course I'll never buy from them ever again, but is this what we have to face in Trinidad and Tobago now?”

The post received over 1,800 shares along with much criticism against the vendor.

Kamini Maharajh-Ram:

“Money is money, coins and bills included, shame on them.”

Crissy Cris:

“In cases like that, I would eat first and then let them know that's all I have. It's either they take it or leave it.”

T'illy Favoured:

“This is sad and disappointing. Sometime ago I went to a doubles my order them realize I didn't have any money in my wallet or the car...the guy said "ok, take it still nah" I then said I'll pass back and give you the money...he watched me like it didn't matter....of course I did passed back.

If these men didn't want it they could have simply said ' hold two doubles nah' The point here is , you should treat your regular customers like family...we are the people who put food on your table, clothes on your back and shelter over your head. 'Yuh go treat we so boi'.”

Rajiv Debie:

“Money is money in any denomination. He should have accepted it because we does pay the PAYE tax so that them b*tches can get treated in the hospital without a cost to them.”

Rick Charles:

“They are not speaking about life's hardship they are referring to value of four 25 cent pieces and a dollar bill, as a matter of fact if it’s so hard being a doubles vendor they should take anything. I would.”

LoopTT reached out to the Consumer Affairs Division who responded that although 25 cents are legal tender, it was not an offence to have a ‘preference’ for paper currency instead of coins.

The Division said consumers can, however, exercise their right to take their business elsewhere. 

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