Tuesday 24 November, 2020

Husband and wife's double graduation goes viral online

A husband-and-wife team has achieved the ultimate 'couple goal' after graduating together from the University of the West Indies (UWI) this month with Master's degrees.

The UWI shared a photo of the couple along with their inspiring story, which has since gone viral with almost 1,000 shares and almost 5,000 likes. 

Shalini Debideen and her husband embarked on their paths of study together and celebrated after they each graduated with an MSc in Project Management earlier this month. 

She said that the journey was not easy as they endured many trials, including losing their jobs on the same day. 

"My husband and I graduated from the Faculty of Engineering both attaining an MSc Project Management. My husband wanted to get his Masters in Project Management and turned down the offer twice when he was accepted previously. The third time I applied with him, we both got accepted for the programme."

"Reality checked in with us since we both worked 8 am-4pm and classes started at 4-10 pm some days. While we were doing our research project, my husband and I lost our jobs on the same exact day. My husband later got a job and I could not take up any work in an effort to help him finish his project since I had submitted in December of last year," she said.

She said her husband finished and submitted in June and they were able to finally celebrate their double graduation together. 

"We both jumped for joy seeing our names on the graduation list. There were many ups and downs but we learnt so much. Now my husband and I after graduation will be moving to Africa for work purposes," she told the UWI. 

Debideen said they intend to pursue programmes at the doctorate level as well. 

"Hard work pays off eventually. We would like to sincerely thank God, UWI, friends and family for their support," she said. 

Congrats to them!

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