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Update: Stolen husky returned to owner after dramatic rescue

Photo: Bonita was snatched while walking with her owner in Diego Martin on March 16, 2019. Thanks to the timely rescue by a good Samaritan, Bonita was returned to her owner on April 2, 2019.

Photo: Bonita was snatched while walking with her owner in Diego Martin on March 16, 2019. Thanks to the timely rescue by a good Samaritan, Bonita was returned to her owner on April 2, 2019.

Update April 2, 2019, 4:20 pm:

In a lucky turn of events a husky, who had been snatched from her owner by kidnappers in Diego Martin, has been rescued.

Bonita’s rescuer, known as ‘JK’, told LoopTT that if he had not seen Bonita in time, she may have drowned in a nearby storm drain.

He said he heard her cries in the storm drain which was near to his workplace, on April 2, 2019, and said the drain was filling with water as it was raining at the time. 

"There’s a drain in the back where I work. I heard the dog yelping, the drain began collecting water and the dog couldn’t get out. She was running up and down the drain and wouldn’t come to me. But I knew she would tire herself out so I just waited a while then went back to check on her."

"When I checked back she was lying down and wasn't moving as much, so I went down and picked her up, then put her in a crate to keep her safe."

He said he reached out to veterinary clinics in the area and was soon contacted by the owners, who confirmed the dog's identity by correctly describing her collar's details.

He said it was lucky that he happened to be there, otherwise, she might have been washed away.

"If it was my dog I would have wanted someone to help them too."

JK said he had no idea that she had been stolen but thought that she had run away.

"After I found out the story it was troubling, I didn’t know that she had been stolen. I’m glad they got their dog back. I have a husky as well, so I’m glad they got her back," he said. 

Business owner Nigel Gardener, who originally shared the call for help on March 18 when the dog was taken, thanked the public for sharing the post, which amassed over 1,600 shares. 

"Bonita has been found! Never Give UP. Two weeks ago, my assistant's son's dog was kidnapped while they walked her in Diego Martin. We very quickly responded with a Facebook Post, and the community, and the police also very quickly responded to the call. For the last two weeks I have received many leads, all of which we have followed, and today, we ended in a Rainbow.

"It's a story about faith and hope and humanity and digital space that connects us all. And its a story about Being Our Brother's Keeper. Thank you to every single one of you that Shared this story, and every single one of you that bought news to us, so that today, I was able to drive to a location and collect Bonita for her family." 

"I will continue to tell stories and I will continue to have faith in humanity and in yes, digital spaces. It's all about balance and its always about love," he said. 

Gardener said Bonita was somewhat thin but apart from that did not seem to have any severe injuries. 


Original story:

A dog owner is asking for help in finding her dog after the animal was practically snatched from her hands while walking her in Diego Martin.

According to a social media post by local company Gardener Financial Legacies and Lifestyles, the owner was walking her dog on March 16, when a person not known to her jumped out of a car and snatched the dog.

"‘Kidnap Dog’ Alert - My assistant Nohely’s dog was kidnapped while they were walking with the dog on the Diego Martin Main Road in the vicinity of Wendy Fitzwilliam Boulevard, yesterday (Friday) afternoon."

"Suddenly a car stopped, an occupant jumped out, grabbed the dog and jumped back into the car with the dog."

"She’s a Husky, 6 months old and answers to the name Bonita," the post said. 

The poster also asked that the message be conveyed to local veterinarian clinics in the event that the dog is taken there for treatment.

Citizens expressed disgust at the brazen kidnapping.

Roger Rampergas: "Even man's best friend getting kidnapped in Trinidad what's next??"

Vidya Maharaj-Suraj: "Well Trinidad really reach."

Mandi Mandi: "What's wrong with these ppl!? Good lord! I hope the owner gets her back!"

Annalee Girwar: "They kidnapping down to ur effing dog. This country getting more sickening as the days go by."

Vashti Lunar Coronel: "OMG! What madness. This is sad. So we can't walk our pets now in our country?. Lord come heal our land."

Anyone with information is asked to contact the company on 226-6631.

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