Thursday 29 October, 2020

Imam urges citizens: Take a stand against domestic abuse

Pictured: Sherian Huggins.

Pictured: Sherian Huggins.

Communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago are being called upon to take a stand against domestic abuse.

Imam Abdul Haqq made the call while speaking to mourners for Sherian Huggins, at the Masjid Ul Furqan in Laventille.

Huggins was chopped to death by a male relative at her Dan Kelly, Laventille home on Tuesday.

Imam Haqq said: “We have to break a stigma in this community. There are a lot of negative characteristics imbedded in a lot of us. Whenever we see instances of domestic abuse we say ‘that is man and woman thing’ or ‘that is husband and wife’ thing.”

He urged people to contact the authorities when they are aware of situations of domestic violence.

“We have to stop that. We have to know if people hitting their wife, or girls, or friends… that this is wrong. And we cannot leave it alone and stay out of it. We have to take a serious stance and deal with that because one thing does always lead to one another.”

“And it eh have no bigger man or badder man when it come to the rights of our sisters. For too long they are being abused, whether physically or mentally. And it’s taking a toll on them,” Haqq added.

He also called on the community to show compassion to one another, and to stop the ‘picong’ or ‘tough love’ attitudes that are prevalent in this country, especially towards men.

 “If you are seeing someone going through something hard. Stop harassing them, gossiping and spreading rumours, and doing things that won’t help the situation. Hold them, and reason with them. Even if they don’t want to tell us their story or problem at the time. Show them you are there.

“But when we going through things like this, people does say we have to be strong, take this and that. But not everyone has the same strength. Sometimes a man might look physically strong, but his mental is not as strong. And he can’t take all the talk, and will lash out. So be mindful of one another. Please,” Haqq pleaded.

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