Sunday 21 July, 2019

Instill right values in children, Minister pleads

Minister of Social Development and Family Services Cherrie Ann Crichlow-Cockburn has pleaded with parents to do more to instill the right values and morals in their children.

She says if this is done, the country will see a decrease in the number of murders, rapes, robberies and other violent crimes.

Crichlow-Cockburn was speaking at a Symposium titled "Supporting Families as the Bedrock of Society" held at the University of the West Indies (UWI), St Augustine on Wednesday.

The two-day Symposium is targeted at holding discussions for the development of a National Family Policy.

Addressing the attendants, Crichlow-Cockburn said "old fashioned" family values are no longer the norm and she lamented that children were no longer being raised with community involvement. 

She said the family is a core societal institution but it has been under threat.

"Parenting styles have been altered, the divorce rate has increased exponentially, child and spousal abuse is now a feature of social media in addition to the economic challenges of the day."

The Minister said citizens have now become numb to some of the behaviours that would have been frowned upon in the past.

She called for parents to do their part to ensure children follow the right path of honesty, respect and integrity.

“As a nation, we need to retun to those morals and positive family values that were instilled by parents in their children. Those morals and values shaped our attitudes and behaviours and enabled us to contribute to the development of Trinidad and Tobago into an industrialised, independent and and prosperous nation," she said.

"If we as a country return to those values we will see a drop in murders, a drop in thefts, a drop in rapes. Let us start back instilling these morals and values in our children. That is where we have to start.” 

The Minister said it is with this in mind that the Ministry has launched a National Campaign on Values, Attitudes and Behaviors. 

The campaign will seek to promote core family values.

Crichlow-Cockburn said while family values seemed to have been lost, there is still hope. 

She referred to Five Rivers Secondary School student Leon Reyes who found a wallet filled with cash and turned it in to the police. She also referred to Nurse Kelly Phillip from San Fernando who assisted a pensioner who was the victim of a robbery.

Crichlow-Cockburn said these acts were displays of strong family values and prove that all is not lost. 


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