Monday 30 November, 2020

Irregularities reported in Dominica's General Elections

Voting in Dominica is peaceful but Irregularities have been reported at a number of polling stations across Dominica.

Concerned citizens flocked to the Election Commission to voice their complaints about the voting process.

One gentleman, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, complained that people had difficulty finding their names. 

“As of now, I am extremely disappointed. We are in 2019 and there are people who cannot find their names, we came to the election office and still have to be going through paperwork. This is 2019, people have been voting from how many years ago, and when they come right now they can’t find their name and there’s no information. I mean that is madness we can do better than that.”

Loop News caught up with Election Commission PRO, Elias Dupuis who said, despite the best-laid plans, the process is never perfect. He did say, however, that the Commission did all in its power to simplify the process.


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