Sunday 25 October, 2020

Isasha pens new song 'We Got Love' as a dedication to flood victims

Although reggae singer Isasha has been through the ringer--having lost his brother Million Voice and was personally affected by the flooding in Greenvale Park--he is focused on helping his community recover. 

He's hoping to do this with the release of his new song, "We Got Love". 

The song's lyrics recount the devastation following the heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding but celebrates the selflessness of everyone banding together to help those in need. 

"Them say yuh never really know bout pain till it knock pon yuh door, yeah
Just what day inah Trinidad 3 days rain, flooding all bout fuh sure yeah
Me see water start rise up inah Greenvale
Ahfi run left me house and try fih evacuate
Next day people rushing fih help and donate and tell we have faith so"

Kwasi Robinson, who worked with Isasha on the track told Loop about how the song came to be. 

"I used to live La Horquetta and came back to help with clean-up efforts. During that time we were just thinking of ways to help uplift the people," Robinson said. "A lot of people were sad and their spirits were broken, so we thought that we’d do what we’re good at which is put together this project and give the people something to feel hopeful about." 

"I know we got more love inah Trinidad than they think
I know we got more unity inah Trinidad than they think
Bun racism and negative energy
Don't let your thoughts be your own worse enemy
I know we got more love inah Trinidad than they think"

When asked how the reggae artist was holding up in light of his double dose of tragedy, Robinson said that he was doing well.

“In some situations, there's nothing else for you to but be strong. Last night we had the entire crew in studio, and he said the only person missing was Million, and in that split second you saw him reflect on his own sorrow. But after that….he knows he has to be strong for his community and he has taken up that mantle.”

"Civilians them come out longside fire service, Army and Coast Guard
And nuff people ah donate them clothes and food regardless of the little wet them have yeah
Down inah Kelly Village rain ah fall bucket ah drop
People run left them house and climb pon them rooftop
Situation make people feel fih cry non stop but we spirit never drop so"

Robinson said the music video for the track--which was shot in the flood-affected communities--will be released on Friday at 8 AM.

When asked about Isasha’s future plans, Robinson said: “After the song, he’ll refocus efforts on helping Greenvale recover. Whatever happens with the music is one thing but he wants to help the people in his community, that is his real purpose.”  


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