Friday 25 September, 2020

Isasha mourns brother as reggae artists unite for tribute show

On Sunday, October 28, the reggae community will come together once again to pay tribute to Kevin ‘Million Voice’ Young.

The reggae singer, known for songs such as 'One Family'  died on October 5 from kidney failure after a year of battling cancer.

His death sent the tightknit reggae community into shock since he had performed as recently as September 24 at Queen Omega’s boat ride.

His brother, Brendon Young aka Isasha, told Loop Million Voice was declared free of cancer and seemed to be doing well before he fell ill again.

“He was good. When he went back to the hospital they weren’t seeing any cancer. I went to see him every day and he was getting worse,” said Isasha, who was in Guyana when his brother passed away.

He said his brother’s health deteriorated so rapidly that he stopped responding to anyone and then he died.

“I still had the faith and hope thinking yuh know…it hard; is like a piece of me died,” he said.

Isasha is the last of five children. Million was the brother just before him and the two grew up close, attending the same schools and working together on music. They often performed together and have collaborated on songs such as 'I Know Jah'.

Isasha, known for songs such as ‘Jah Bless’ and ‘Don’t You Know’, said they shared ideas and his brother would give him advice on what to change.

He said Million spent a lot of time recording and writing music and was still recording throughout this illness. He noted, however, that since Million got baptised and joined the Seven Days Adventist church about three years ago his music had changed.

“He changed up his music and was on the verge of doing an album. The studio was already set up was just waiting on whenever he was ready,” Isasha said.

He said he will complete the album since some of the songs have already been done but he is not in the right space to complete that project at the moment.

Isasha said before his brother died they were able to have a real heart to heart talk which has him contemplating his own life.

“The pastor say you can’t say you love somebody and you don’t want to be with that person when you die. That trigger off something in my mind, maybe I supposed to walk that road,” he said.

Turning his attention to the tribute, which he stressed is the only real tribute show to his brother, he said the reggae community loved Million so much that they have offered their talent free of charge for the show.

“They don’t want to hear about money, they just want it to be successful,” he said.

Proceeds from the concert will go towards Million Voice’s wife and two children.

A Foundation in his name is also being set up to continue the work they have been doing to support the community.

Artists for the tribute will be Marlon Asher, Mr King, King David, Ziggy Ranking, Jah Melody, Queen Omega, DJ Nine Miles, Lion Twins, Dawg E Slaughter and Ringo Starr among many others.

The tribute will take place at Club Silhouette in Valsayn. Entry is $100

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