Sunday 25 October, 2020

It's honest work: Trinis defend 'Venezuelan' sanitation workers

Photo via Facebook/Devant Maharaj

Photo via Facebook/Devant Maharaj

Several people spoke out in defence of sanitation workers who appeared to be Venezuelan, after a photo of them was shared online.

Former minister Devant Maharaj shared a photo to social media with the caption "Vene Garbage Collectors Now".

However, others spoke out in defence of the men, saying it is honest work. 

Surindra Salick: "Honest day work for an honest dollar!! No shame in that!! They are grateful for that."

d Adonald Lee: "Who knows what jobs they did before, maybe mechanics and can repair the truck if it breaks down...they may have been teachers, teaching people the art of earning an honest dollar and not by taking it from others, you can get killed that way....bless."

Desmond Paul: "So? I see 2 people working legally."

Bert Kerry: "Would you prefer them to take a gun and stick you up? What a dumb insinuation. They are doing an honest day's work and no one can or should fault them for that."

Raj Jadoo: "They go to work with smiling faces. Whatever they are doing they are doing it with pride."

The United Nations reported in June 2019 that four million Venezuelans have fled their country due to economic crisis and political violence.

Most of the Venezuelans who have fled are being hosted in Latin America: more than half are in Colombia and Peru, followed by Chile, Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil.

In May 2019, government assisted Venezuelan refugees by facilitating a national registration process which would allow them to work in the country for up to one year. It's not yet known what will happen once this period expires in 2020.  

Government said over 16,000 Venezuelans registered for identification cards - of this, just 3,000 were approved to work in Trinidad and Tobago.

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