Tuesday 7 July, 2020

IWRN: Women are partners, not property

Women are partners and not an abstract property for men to claim ownership.

That’s the reminder being issued by the International Women’s Resource Network (IWRN) following the murder of daycare principal Jezelle Phillip at her workplace, Baby’s Pre-School, in Port-of-Spain on Monday. Her death is believed to be related to a domestic dispute.

Her attacker has since surrendered himself to the authorities.

In light of the tragic event, the IWRN is now calling on men to manage their emotions especially when it comes to dealing with issues related to domestic turbulence.

The organisation took note that men have expressed discontent over the lack of safe spaces within which they can ventilate and discuss their emotional and/or domestic challenges.

But, it reminded these men that in spite of whatever feelings they may have, violence leading to the murder of women is never a justifiable response.

“However, these reasons do not give men so affected, exclusive rights to destroy and/or murder women, who in their minds may have wronged them in one way or the other as such actions produce lifelong losses and pain for all parties involved including affected family members.”

The IWRN said mental re-engagement must start with a renewed narrative that women are partners and not an abstract property to be owned by men.

The organisation urged men who may be experiencing domestic challenges to reach out to the IWRN via its social media platforms.

Further assistance is available to men through Donald Donat Berment, Founder of Men Against Violence Against Women at 637-0924 or 383-6124.

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