Wednesday 21 October, 2020

Jack Warner discharged from hospital

Photo Jack Warner. Credit: Nneka Parsanlal.

Photo Jack Warner. Credit: Nneka Parsanlal.

Former FIFA Vice President and Independent Liberal Party (ILP) leader Jack Warner is still on the road to recovery after contracting the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Warner in a statement confirmed that he was discharged from the Couva Hospital and Multi-Training Facility on Sunday.

He said the worst part is over, but he will remain in home quarantine until September 24 where he will be monitored by Ministry of Health officials to ensure that he complies with COVID-19 protocols.

Warner said the journey was not a great one and this is why he will continue to follow all established protocols to the letter.

He said: “This was not a good road trip and I will be following the medical guidelines to the dot and to the tittle not simply because it is my social and legal responsibility to do so but because the discomfort, the isolation and the pain that one goes through is not an experience that anyone will wish for another.”

He said during this period he will shy away from media contact so that his recovery is “undisturbed”.

“During my period of recovery, I will remain in the shadows away from media contact and this is not because of any disrespect to this profession to which I have grown to love but rather to allow me to recover undisturbed; I would truly wish that my request for silence during this period is respected,” he said.

Warner ended by expressing gratitude to God, his family and all well-wishers for their prayers and thoughtful words during his time at hospital.

“Let me first of all thank God for this second chance and for his mercy in allowing me to unite with my family and also once again to thank my family and friends for being my source of comfort and strength along this journey and for their prayers for healing which ascended to the throne of grace and my behalf.

God has answered and for that I am not only grateful but extremely thankful; thanks again to one and all,” he concluded.

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