Friday 27 November, 2020

Jack Warner says he cannot be held liable for monies spent on Concacaf

Jack Warner is accusing Concacaf of blaming its non-performance in the last seven years on the former executive.

Warner's retort comes a day after a judge in an American court ordered the former FIFA Vice President to pay US$79 million in damages in a Concacaf lawsuit.

US District Judge William Kuntz ordered the default judgment against Jack Warner in the 2017 civil action accusing him of embezzling tens of millions of dollars from the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (Concacaf).

Warner's comments were made via a press release posted to the facebook page of his Sunshine Newspaper and signed by Triston Bonterre, Corporate Secretary, Legal and Compliance Officer of the Warner Group of Companies.

“The latest salvo of litigation is deliberately intended by a biased and hostile US-Influenced Concacaf executive to promote a narrow agenda and to place the blame for its non-performance in the last seven years on the shoulders of the previous Concacaf executive," the release said.

Stating that Concacaf knew full well that Warner is engaged in extradition proceedings and could not be present for the case which was filed in a US court, the release said that he “categorically denies that he is liable for any of the sums which comprise these default judgments and there is absolutely no account that he received these monies.”

“Concacaf did receive monies, however, not the amount stated in these default judgments. These monies received by Concacaf and the expenditure spans a period of over 21 years. These monies were spent throughout the Concacaf region consisting of some 36 separate countries.

“They were used to build facilities, finance the Gold Cup in the Concacaf region, World Cup finals, World Cup payoffs, Youth tournaments and Women’s football among the various countries of Concacaf and to finance the operations of  the Concacaf secretariat and administration in all 36 countries and as well as to meet other recurrent expenditure,” the release said.

The release said the extradition proceedings, as well as the lawsuits, were initiated after the USA and Britain lost their bids to host the 2022 World Cup which went to Qatar and Russia. It said this was part of FIFA’s efforts to strengthen and diversify football participation in the African continent and give Russia an opportunity to participate.

“Jack Warner cannot be held be held liable for all the monies spent on Concacaf,” the release said.


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