Monday 28 September, 2020

JCIS offers insurance companies, policyholders protection from fraud

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With insurance-related schemes and cons on the rise, Trincity-based Judicious Claims Investigations Services (JCIS) is ensuring that both insurance companies and policyholders are protected against insurance fraud.

Manager/Lead Investigator Anderson John said the company is committed to all its clients getting what is rightfully theirs, without compromising any of its standards.

He said: “While our services are not new, we are offering these said services to not just insurance companies but to members of the general public, attorneys at law, medical practitioners.

JCIS plans to execute investigations into insurance claims related to bodily injury, liability, property damage, medical, worker's compensation and more. We protect insurance companies and policyholders against insurance fraud.”

John said while JCIS’ main business is directed to general insurance providers it’s not confined to only such clients.

In fact, any citizen that has the need to fill out an insurance claim form for motor, workmen's compensation or public liability can access its investigative services.

John said insurance providers and policyholders can rest assured that they are in capable hands with JCIS, which boasts expertise in Motor Claims Investigations, Workmen’s Compensation and Public Liability Claims Investigations.

JCIS works expeditiously to complete its field work. It guarantees completion of this exercise within two weeks of receipt of the request for investigation, once it has obtained all the relevant details to the investigation from the insurer.

The company promises professionalism and strict adherence to confidentiality.

The company’s Manager said all interviews conducted with complainants, eyewitnesses, management and other invested parties are executed without prejudice, expeditiously and in a timely manner. 

John said JCIS can prove to be an important asset to any insurance company and policyholder, especially with so much being lost to insurance fraud.

He explained that clients knowing their rights as it relates to making insurance claims guarantees against loss from accidents and, depending on the policy, other life-changing events.

“Individuals can protect themselves against possible loss of income and even safeguard their loved ones’ future in case of their death. However, just like other social safeguards, there are people who are tempted by undeserved financial gain. Any loss due to fraud not only affects the insurance companies but also the other policyholders.”

JCIS, with its years of experience and various investigative skills, will work quickly and efficiently to ensure whether the claim is fraudulent or if there is a need for a claim to be honored.

You can find out more about JCIS on LinkedIn.

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