Wednesday 2 December, 2020

Jean de la Valette returns to PoS over 'alert'

The Jean de la Valette (JDLV) makes its inaugural sailing to Tobago July 18, 2019.

The Jean de la Valette (JDLV) makes its inaugural sailing to Tobago July 18, 2019.

Despite a successful first sailing to Tobago on Thursday, the Jean de La Valette (JDLV) has had its afternoon sailing suspended after an alert on the bridge on its return trip to Scarborough.

A statement from the National Infrastructure Development Company Limited (NIDCO) indicated that the vessel experienced a suspension of service as it approached the northern coast of Trinidad. 

NIDCO said the vessel was stopped to allow preliminary checks after the alert was seen.

The Master of the vessel, in the interest of safety and time, took a decision to cancel the return sailing and return the vessel to the Port of Port of Spain. 

Passengers and vehicles will be accommodated on this afternoon's sailing of the T&T Spirit upon the vessel's arrival at the Port of Port of Spain. 

NIDCO said a technical crew is on standby to carry out investigations onboard the vessel and will address all issues. 

The Jean de la Valette departed Scarborough, Tobago on Thursday at 6:57 am with 723 passengers and 130 vehicles onboard. 

Its initial scheduled departure time of 6:30 am was delayed due to a medical situation onboard the vessel, which required attention from the stales ambulance.

The ambulance departed the vessel at 6:40 am.

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