Tuesday 14 July, 2020

Jill Scott: people get splendidly laid after my shows

If you have been a Jill Scott fan the recent controversy over her simulated fellatio during a performance would be of no real surprise. 

Scott has never been shy of expressing her sexuality especially in her music and in response to the viral video that had social media lit over the past few days, she reminded commentators of exactly who she is.

"Good morning Love Village & welcome newbies. I don’t know who tweeted that snippet but they didn’t capture the point. There’s good intention in everything I do, particularly for couples. I’ve BEEN me baby. ALL of me. Check the discography. Peace," she wrote in one Twitter post. 

In another, she said:

"Hi. I sing/act out all kinds of stories. You should cum to my shows. After a Jill Scott show, most people get splendidly laid by whoever they came with. They also usually go on 2happier, more productive, focused, wealthy lives."

In the video of a performance back in August, Scott is seen showing off her fellatio skills with a microphone after giving a shout out to all the 'Big D***'.

The video sent social media users into a frenzy. 

Some defended the singer, stating that many male singers simulate sex on stage with no criticism:

Some, well, men mainly, been thirsting on the singer for her skills:


Her loyal fans, of course, are having a good laugh:



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