Thursday 28 May, 2020

Journalist defends story: 'I stand by my sources'

Senior Investigative Journalist Mark Bassant has defended his story in which he said that the Ocean Flower 2, one of the vessels engaged to replace the MV Superfast Galicia, broke down on its way to Trinidad and Tobago.

Port Authority Chairman Alison Lewis denied she was contacted by the journalist, however, he said he has phone records which would show he reached out to her.

Speaking on a morning talk show programme on Thursday, Bassant said two weeks ago he contacted the Port Secretary and was forwarded to Lewis’ secretary, with whom he left his contact information. No one returned his call.

He then contacted Deputy Chairman Adrian Beharry who was in Japan at the time supposedly attending a conference.

Bassant said it would appear that the Port Authority only waited until the story was aired to issue a response.

“This is not a story I was working on yesterday; it is something I was working on over the last couple of weeks. So they had enough time.

I found it very strange that they waited till the report came out, then to respond to the things ventilated in the report.”

Regarding the Port Authority’s denial that the vessel ever broke down, Bassant said information from his source indicated that the Ocean Flower 2 encountered mechanical problems, and it’s information he stands by.

“I stand by my sources with this story because these are people who are au courant with the vessel and what’s happening with it.”    

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