Sunday 27 September, 2020

Judge rules: Exodus free to play Savannah Grass at Panorama final

Exodus is free to play Savannah Grass at the Panorama finals next Saturday.

High Court Judge Kevin Ramcharan on Friday night ruled in the band’s favour after its attorneys filed an injunction on Friday afternoon against Pan Trinbago who told the band that it could not change its song at this juncture.

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Exodus on Tuesday announced that it was switching to Kes the Band’s Savannah Grass after entering the competition with Superblue’s Rag Storm.

“It has been settled in our favour,” Exodus manager Ainsworth Mohammed told Loop following court proceedings.

Though he said he felt good, Mohammed said it was a sad day for pan because the situation should not have reached that far.

“It is clear it was allowed, it should have never reached that way. There was precedent for it and the rules do not preclude any band from changing a song at any time. It should never have reached as far as this,” he said.

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