Thursday 13 December, 2018

Kes the Band and Rotary Club to host Imagination for the children

 From left: James Devers, Alain Laquis, Kees Dieffenthaller, Carolyn Pasea-Pogson and Heidi Deiffenthaller

From left: James Devers, Alain Laquis, Kees Dieffenthaller, Carolyn Pasea-Pogson and Heidi Deiffenthaller

Children from around the nation will have the opportunity to stimulate and explore their creative talents as Kes The Band hosts their inaugural "Imagination" children's concert and creative fun park on December 3 at the St John's Hall in Woodbrook. 

The event is designed to spark the creativity inherent in our young ones and will include engaging and exciting elements such as a magic show, educational activities, rock climbing, slides and inflatables, interactive projects such as a live cooking class, arcades, a disco, an escape room, kids karaoke and more. 

Lead singer, Kees Dieffenthaller explained the concept behind the event at the official media launch, which was held on Tuesday as part of the Rotary Club of Port-of-Spain's weekly meeting at Goodwill Industries in Woodbrook.

He said:"We've always been asked to do a presentation for the young minds of Trinidad and Tobago because they do not have the opportunity to experience the music and the energy of our band within the Carnival space. In considering the idea, we didn't want it to be just the typical show and chose instead to make it more interactive, more educational, more fun of course and could stimulate young minds and showcase and experience growth over time.

"Magic happens when you use your imagination and my four-year-old daughter reminded me of this fact. Being a father now I realise that there are so very few places and things to do in Trinidad and Tobago when you have a young child - in terms of being able to take them into a space that's safe and where they can not only have fun but have their creativity stimulated and their talents explored as well."

The Rotary Club of Port-of -Spain has joined forces with the band's team at Question Mark Entertainment and will sponsor over 200 disadvantaged children with an all-inclusive experience at the Imagination event. Rotary Club President, Alain Laquis shared the details of this collaboration:

"In today's current economic climate, we know times are tougher now for many people,” he said. “Therefore, through the kind graces and support of the promoters and organisers of Imagination, we saw an opportunity to provide something exceptional to less fortunate children in and around Port-of-Spain. Through our collaboration, the Imagination team and the Rotary Club of Port-of-Spain will provide over 200 disadvantaged kids with an all-inclusive experience, which includes tickets to the event, transportation, food, drinks and tokens as part of its outreach and community service to the less fortunate." 

Tickets for the event are now available at Cache Gambinio stores nationwide and more information can be obtained at the band's website: or via the info hotline at 392-4752.    


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