Tuesday 22 October, 2019

Krave creates Carnival cocktails in honour of top soca songs

Ravi Deonarine, bartender at Krave, has created Soca-tails for the Carnival season. All Photos by Glenda Wong

Ravi Deonarine, bartender at Krave, has created Soca-tails for the Carnival season. All Photos by Glenda Wong

When it comes to cocktails, Krave Restaurant has made its name as a leader with new creations for different times of the year.

Carnival is no exception and, this week, the San Fernando-based establishment unveiled its Soca-tails, cocktails inspired by some of the top soca songs.

A lot of thought went into the creation of the drinks which are made by bartender Ravi Deonarine.

"We try to think about the emotions the songs elicit and try to capture that in our drinks," said Leslie Ann St John, Business Development consultant for Krave. 

There are seven drinks: the So Long, inspired by Nadia Batson's song; Famalay, inspired by the Machel Montano, Skinny Fabulous and Bunji Garlin; Like it Hot, inspired by Patrice Robert's song; Hookin' Meh, inspired by Farmer Nappy's song; Start Over, inspired by Ravi B's song, Alive and Well, inspired by Voice's song and the J'ouvert Mojito, a nod to traditions in San Fernando. 

So Long 

Cost: $75

Ingredients: Myers Rum, Prosecco, Passion Puree, Lime Juice and Mango Puree

St John said this was the first drink that was developed since Batson came out of the gates early. "We wanted an iconic drink. The passion depicts the sweetness of the song. we wanted something that gives you a warm, happy feeling."


Cost $65

Ingredients: Johnnie Walker Black, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Orange Juice, Cherry Syrup

With three strong singers on this track, the aim was to create a drink with strength and powers and to give you the feeling of euphoria the song emits, said St John. "We wanted a drink to inspire a totally ridiculous feeling," she said. 

Like it Hot

Cost $75

Ingredients: Ketel One Citroen Vodka, Absolut Pepper, Pink Grapefruit Juice

This drink encompasses two sides of Patrice Roberts, the sweet Toco girl and the saucy, sexy vixen. That is encompassed in the pink grapefruit and the secret ingredient, chow sauce. Deonarine makes a scorching apple, cucumber and tomato chow to accompany the drink but pours a little bit of the sauce into the cocktail to give the drink that extra kick. 

Hookin' Meh

Cost $75

Ingredients: Vanilla Vodka, Patron Cafe, Ice Cream, Dooleys Toffee Liqueur

Milky drinks are big sellers at Krave so any cocktail list must include at least one said St John.  The drink contains no garbage bags but is meant to reflect the artist Farmer Nappy is, consistent and comforting.  The cocktail is presented with a hook made out of chocolate. 

Start Over

Cost $75

Ingredients: Johnnie Walker Gold/Coconut water

In Start Over, Ravi B appeals for some Johnnie to drink when his girlfriend breaks up with him. You don't have to be at the end of a relationship to enjoy this simple drink but if you want to feel involved in the making of your cocktail, you can order this concoction. The table side service allows you to make the drink yourself or the bartender can make it for you at your table. 

Alive and Well

Cost $35

Ingredients: Orange Juice, Passion, Mango, Ginger Beer, Lime and Mint

This non-alcoholic drink embodies the youthfulness and innocence of three-time Soca Monarch Aaron 'Voice' St Louis. "We put all these healthy, feel-good ingredients to give your taste buds a workout," said St John.

J'ouvert Mojito

Cost: $90

Ingredients: Remy Martin V.S.O.P, Norton Malbec, Orange Juice, Fresh fruit, Lime, Mint

While not named after a song, the J'ouvert Mojito pays homage to J'ouvert in San Fernando where Cask wine is consumed liberally leaving mouths stained in red. Deonarine used the Malbec to create the red hue of the drink and all the other ingredients together literally looks like J'ouvert in a glass. 

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