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    Election 2020 Results

Tuesday 11 August, 2020

Laventille Serenaders leads small bands into pan semis

Laventille Serenaders with their arrangement of Winston Bailey’s “Shadow” topped the National Panorama Small Band Preliminaries with 279 points.

They were followed by South’s Golden Hands and “Trouble” with 278 points and Fascinators Pan Symphony of Tunapuna in third place with 274 points for their rendition of “Buss Head”.

Forty-three bands were judged by a four-man panel comprising Soluna Garnes, Joslynnne Sealey, Tommy Critchlow and Michele Dowrich.

Score sheets were opened on Wednesday at The Murchison Brown Auditorium, Port-of-Spain before the participants’ representative. Thirty bands will proceed to the Semi-Final round on Saturday, January 27 in front of Victoria Square, Park Street. Port-of-Spain at 1 pm. Admission is $100.

Last year’s winner, Fascinators Pan Symphony will play in position three.


1.Trinidad Valley Harps: Feeling The Feeling 257    

2.Antillean All Stars: We Are Conquerors 255

3.Fascinators Pan Symphony: Buss Head 274

4.Arima Golden Symphony: Du Du Yemi aka Natasha  265

5. Highlanders: Big Girl Now  260

6. Revelation Institute of Performing Education: Birthday Party 267

7. C&B Crown Cordaans: Unforgettable  256

8. Panasonic Connection: Surrender  259

9. Northolus: Lorraine 254

10 Simple Song: Bandoleros  258

11. Harvard Harps: Buss Head 269

12. Mt. Moriah Pan Movement: I Will Always Be There For You  263

13. Rock Block: Magic Drum 259

14. Tobago Pan-Thers: Far From Finished 254

15.Golden Hands: Trouble 278

16. Tokyo: Kaka Roach 261

17.. T&TEC New East Side Dimension: Big Girl Now 265

18. Fusion Steel Ensemble: Outta De Box 270

19. Laventille Serenaders: Dingolay 279

20. Cocorite West Wind: Roti & Talkarie 261

21. Alpha Pan Pioneers: Prophet of Pan 262

22. Jay Notes: Big Girl Now 269

23. Pleasantville Kalamo Kings: Shakin It 256

24. Old Tech: Doh Tell Ah Soul 267

25. Tunapuna All Stars: Fly 261

26. Uptown Fascinators: Free Up 268

27. Our Boys: Big Girl Now 262

28.LH Pan Groove: Magic Drum 262

29.Tunapuna Tipica: Full of Vibes 266

30. Tornadoes: Rack Me Rack Me 263


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