Thursday 29 October, 2020

Lee chastises 'delusional' Rowley over one on one interview

Point-a-Pierre MP David Lee has commented on the Prime Minister’s pre-recorded one on one conversation with CNC3's Khamal Georges that was aired on Sunday.

In a statement on Monday, Lee jabbed at Dr Keith Rowley who had urged the population not to judge his administration by the murder rate alone.

“Having asked citizens not to judge his government by its performance on crime in his pre-recorded interview, the Prime Minister must inform a confused population on what could be used to judge their performance given the sustained incompetence, lack of performance and neglect which have emanated from our state sectors under his leadership.”

The Opposition MP also slammed the Prime Minister whom he said was unable to list any achievement of substance within key sectors as education, the economy, improvement of forex supply and social services, in his hour-long interview.

He went on to call Dr Rowley “deluded” for stating that he put the energy sector in a much better place than it was in 2015. 

“How could the energy sector be in a better place when senior economists have estimated that there has been a loss of almost 40 percent of the employed labour force in the energy sector as CSO data shows a sharp decline in employment from 21,300 in 2014 to 12,600 as at June 2018? Even worse, the energy labour force would have fallen yet again given the closure of big employers such as YARA and Petrotrin post-June 2018.”

Lee added that the crisis at the Point Lisas Industrial Estate with the announcement that Titan Methanol might be shutting down its plant is further proof of a collapsed sector.  He was referencing an article by the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian which noted that a shutdown was imminent if an agreement with NGC for the supply of natural gas is not reached.

“It is clear that the narrative presented by the Prime Minister on our Energy Sector borders on fiction while the reality as reported publicly suggests that this nation’s energy sector is in dire jeopardy under this government.”



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