Sunday 29 November, 2020

Lee Sing on PPM loss: POS people don’t care

Chairman of the Port of Spain People’s Movement (PPM), Louis Lee Sing, says he hopes the voters in the capital city are happy with their decision. The People’s National Movement (PNM) retained the Port of Spain City Corporation in yesterday’s Local Government Elections.

Lee Sing, who served as Mayor of Port of Spain from 2010-2013, conceded defeat to the ruling party at his headquarters on Tragarete Road last night. Speaking to media, Lee Sing said, “I think the results are a reflection of the society, more so a reflection of how the society is thinking.”

He believes the voters don’t care enough about how the capital city is able to develop. “What the results have said to me is that the people in Port of Spain don’t really give a damn about what happens in the city. I believe they are very comfortable with the street dwellers, they are very comfortable with the lack of administration,” he lamented.

Lee Sing did say that the local government campaign trail did provide him with enough experience and insight that could lead to him penning another book about Port of Spain. He previously published Local Government in Trinidad – Conspiracy against the People in 2014.

A former foundation member of the PNM, Lee Sing says he’s also paying attention to how other districts have voted as well. “I’ve seen where they invested a lot of currency in Sangre Grande in the hope of taking it as theirs, they’ve lost. These are significant changes taking place,” he said.

Lee Sing’s PPM contested the Local Government Elections this year for the first time and only competed for seats in the Port of Spain City Corporation.

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