Tuesday 7 July, 2020

Lessons to be learnt from collapse of Guyana gov’t, says Moonilal

An Opposition MP says he has taken noted of the dramatic developments in Guyana where the coalition government of David Granger collapsed on a motion of no confidence.

In a statement, Dr. Roodal Moonilal said there are many lessons to be learnt.

“The lessons for this country are many. The Rowley led PNM government is holding on by their collective finger nails to office. Clearly Granger appeared more popular than Rowley.

Given the widespread mismanagement, corruption and arrogance prevailing in government it is a matter of time before the PNM implodes,” Moonilal said.

He added that the second lesson is that make shift and knee jerk coalitions with a single purpose objective are short lived particularly when given razor slim majorities.

Moonilal said the purpose of just removing an incumbent regime cannot hold parties together. “Having noted unity sounds over the past week we are cautious to seek any ad hoc relations that respond to the expediency of the time but cannot hold for the longer term,” he said.

The Opposition MP is urging ‘unity aspirants’ to ‘attack’ the Prime Minister now.

He said there can be no room for unholy shot gun alliance making.

“All would be unity aspirants should now find the courage to attack Rowley and the PNM and not just a select few of us in the frontline. Many who did not find it convenient to identify with the struggles of the parliamentary opposition now talk about uniting to save T&T.”

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