Monday 14 October, 2019

Let’s talk about memes

Memes, in the context of social media, are those bits of content that pierce the membrane of the pop culture zeitgeist. Sometimes they are funny and other times they are really funny. They straddle the line between immortal and ephemeral too.

You know you secretly sneak peek when you’re at the office. You do it in front of your kids. You even do it just before you go to bed. We’re talking about the obsessive perusal of memes here - those little big things that swim about the internet ether from profile to profile, timeline to timeline. These meme things go viral, as the intelligentsia say.

But what are they exactly?


 Yea. That. Ryan Gosling's Hey Girl, Philospraptor, Corporate Baby, and Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man In The World. For the most part, these images are a mix of comic relief, trending topics, pop culture, and the all too relatable awkward moments in everyday life. There may not be a text book reference for the term (yet), but if we were to distill the idea of a meme down to a few words, it would be summed up by the following principles:


Relevant and with context – Content needs to be shared in a timely manner. And we aren’t speaking specifically to the hours and seconds on the clock. What we mean here is that content needs to be relatable and traced back to something tied in time; an event, or an individual situation. If content is king, then context is its queen.

Simple – The folly of many marketers is that they try too hard to get the message across. Fussing over campaign materials in an attempt to create a meme can result in something that feels false and inauthentic. Some memes are by nature minimal, even severely pixelated (but please, do not do use this last bit as an excuse. You have graphic designers on your team for a reason). In short, a meme must have a clear and singular message.

Funny and Shareable - A meme or any piece of social media content must resonate with your immediate social circle. Think about why you are sharing any piece of content. Why are you sharing it, really? Whether it is an article, rant, video, or emoji-laced post, will your friends like it, comment on it, or share it? No? Then it may not be worthy of space on any timeline and is a thought better kept to yourself. #sorry #notsorry


Memorable – The main takeaway when sharing a piece of meme-worthy messaging is that it is sticky, remaining in the minds of those who read it long after they’ve clicked the like button. A meme is the kind of thing that you can laugh over during your lunch break with friends. It’s the stuff of inside jokes and so much more.
C’mon, try it in your next social media campaign. If you don’t act now, you might miss the opportunity to be the topic of note during the water-cooler conversation at offices around the region!

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