Sunday 18 August, 2019

‘Lilly’ recovering after being dumped into 20-foot drain

Lilly is recovering and resting after she was tossed down into a 20-foot storm drain on Saturday night (Photo courtesy AWN).

Lilly is recovering and resting after she was tossed down into a 20-foot storm drain on Saturday night (Photo courtesy AWN).

Her name is Lilly, and she was cruelly tossed over a 20-foot cliff into a storm drain because she was sick with maggots.

On Saturday night a dramatic scene was carried out after Carenage residents and members of the Animal Welfare Network (AWN) worked together to rescue Lilly from the flood drain where she had been dumped.

Lily, who has since been treated and bandaged by local veterinarian Dr Clermond, was found at the bottom of a 20-foot drain where she had been tossed, on Saturday night.

According to video footage shared by the group, two boys were allegedly seen pushing the dog over the edge of the cliff into the storm drain then hitting her with stones. 


In a race against time, the AWN said a group member climbed down the drain using a harness in order to rescue her before rising water levels caused her to drown.

The group shared a photo of the poor animal as she lay wounded and sick on the bottom of the flood drain.

(Photo courtesy AWN: The blurry white spot is Lilly, who was found with multiple injuries after being tossed into the storm drain on Saturday night.)

That small white dot in the picture is a dog who it seems was thrown over the edge of a 20ft river/ drain because the poor animal had maggots.”

“ An AWN member got a call and with the help of some VERY caring and special residents who along with the AWN member climbed down with a harness and rescued the dog. The lead was stuck under a rock, so it was just a matter of time before the dog drowned with the rising water due to the rain.”

The group later posted an update saying that Lilly had multiple fractures and her tail had been almost completely severed as a result of her ordeal.

“Many thanks to Dr. Clermond for coming out at 1am to deal with our emergency callout. Lilly is resting comfortably for now. She has multiple fractures, trauma, and a severed tail all caused by the fall when she was thrown over the river's edge.”

(Photo courtesy AWN: Lilly being cared for after her ordeal.)

The group said she will be given an X-ray to get more information on her injuries and had been given painkillers to help with the pain.

The group also thanked all who helped with her rescue and recovery.

“AWN would like to applaud the community spirit and kindness of the residents of St. Peter's Gardens Carenage who used vans, ropes, manpower and a suitcase to rescue the injured dog. Special thanks to Gilla Pouchet for calling us to help with the case,” the group said.

Citizens thanked those who helped Lilly and expressed horror, condemning the perpetrators.

Debbie Singh:

"That tail looks like it has been literally chopped off ??? what kind of human could do this ??? smh....I soooo fed up now eh."

Anjelina Peru:

"Thank you for saving her. To the ones that threw her, what goes around comes around. Cliche? Yes. Harming an animal that can not defend itself is monstrosity. I hope you get your just deserved [sic]."

Julia Balbosa:

"Poor dog, my heart breaks for these abused animals, wth makes people even think of such evil things."

Dixie-Ann Belle:

"What a horrifying thing to do! Thank you to the kind people who helped. Hoping the poor dog recovers and somehow whoever did this is punished! "

Vashti Lunar Coronel:

"People who are light, hope and the voice for the voiceless. Keep doing your good works. God sees all. Thank you."

The group is urging citizens to write to their MPs to revise the country's animal cruelty laws. 

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