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A list of Carnival bands in T&T

The carnival season is over, and with all the videos and pictures from the “greatest show on earth” coming out, it is time to step back to take a look how big carnival in Trinidad and Tobago really is.

According to a newly compiled comprehensive list using data from the Tourism Development Corporation (TDC), there were 201 Carnival bands in Trinidad and Tobago in the 2017 carnival season.

The data provided by the Tourism Development Corporation (TDC) also shows the region where each band is from.

Port of Spain is naturally the carnival capital, with 138 bands operating within the city. This roughly equates to 2680 inhabitants per band, based on the asumption that most inhabitants of the larger POS area would participate in some form.

San Fernando comes second with 38 bands operating from the southern city,while 26 bands are registered in Tobago. The list is slightly smaller in Eastern and Central Trinidad, however, bands like Hot Stuff Promotions in Curepe, the La Ta Caille Kidz in Arouca and R Bailey and Associates Carnival Mas Band in Arima are all fun carnival options for those who prefer to stay closer to home. 


J’ouvert bands holding their own

When it comes to the type of carnival bands, mas bands that play on Monday and Tuesday clearly dominate with 105 bands. J'ouvert bands are holding strong in second place with 37 bands coming out for Carnival Monday’s early morning revelry.

There are 21 kiddie carnival bands while there are eight steelpan bands focusing on drums and rhythm sections.

Finally, there are some 30 bands which are either J'ouvert mud bands or provide a Monday night only experience to their masqueraders. Others celebrate carnival the traditional way, such as Bad Promotions from San Fernando or the Old Fashioned Sailors from Port of Spain.

So no matter what you decide to do, there’s a Carnival band out there for you!


See the full list of bands here:

Port of Spain

Amazon Carnival (Carnival Mas Band)

Bamboo Patch Production (J'Ouvert Mas Band)

Belmont Exotic Stylish Sailors (D'BESS) (Carnival Mas Band)

Berlin and Associates (Carnival Mas Band)

Bliss Carnival (Carnival Mas Band)

Blue Angels (J'ouvert Mas Band)

Bois Canot (Junior Carnival Mas Band)

Boissiere Village Children's Band (Junior Carnival Mas Band)

BOSS (Belmont Original Stylish Sailors) (Carnival Mas Band)

Brandon (J'ouvert Mas Band)

Brian MacFarlane (Carnival Mas Band)

Caribbean Beauties (Monday Mas Band)

Carnival Babies Junior Carnival Mas Band)

Carnival Genesis (Carnival Mas Band)

Carnival Passion (Carnival Mas Band)

Cat In Bag (Carnival Mas Band)

Charm Carnival (Carnival Mas Band)

Cheers Bar (J'ouvert Mas Band)

Chocolate City Mas (J'ouvert Mas Band)

Classix Productions (Junior Carnival Mas Band)

Clay J'ouvert (Carnival Mud Mas Band)

Colorz Fuh So (Carnival Mas Band)

D' Harvard Boys (Carnival Mas Band)

D' Harvard Posse (Carnival Mas Band)

D' Harvard Revellers (Carnival Mas Band)

D' Krewe (Carnival Mas Band)

D' Midas Associates (Carnival Mas Band)

De Core TT/Royal Air Forces Association (Carnival Mas Band)

Die Hards (Carnival Mas Band)

Dirty Medics (J'ouvert Mas Band)

Ela Ann Withlock (Carnival Mas Band)

Elements - All As One (Carnival Mas Band)

Enfants De Musica - Children of Music (Junior Carnival Mas Band)

Entice Carnival (Carnival Mas Band)

Explosion Carnival Mas (Carnival Mas Band)

Fanfare & Associates (J'Ouvert Mas Band)

Fantasty Carnival (Carnival Mas Band)

Felix Associates (Carnival Mas Band)

Flirt Carnival (Carnival Mas Band)

Frenz N Dem (Truck Mas Band)

Frontier Productions (Carnival Mas Band)

Genesis Entertainment (Carnival Mas Band)

Gerald Kelly (Junior Carnival Mas Band)

Giselle Fritz (Junior Carnival Mas Band)

Glenn Carvalho (Carnival Mas Band)

Hart's Carnival (Carnival Mas Band)

House of Eagle (Carnival Mas Band)

Image Nation Ltd. (Carnival Mas Band)

Indulgence Carnival (Carnival Mas Band)

IP Mas (Carnival Mas Band)

IRave Jouvert (J'Ouvert Mas Band)

Jouvert Brand (J'Ouvert Mas Band)

June Sankar Traditional Carnival - Mini Band of Dames Lorraines

Jus Wee & Friends (Adult & Junior Carnival Mas Band)

KK Alliance & Partners ("KK") (Carnival Mas Band)

KStar Productions (Carnival Mas Band)

Kaotic Carnival (Carnival Mas Band)

Legacy (Carnival Mas Band)

Mas Rebellion (Carnival Mas Band)

Mass Factory (Carnival Mas Band)

Merry Darceuils (J'ouvert Mas Band)

Mink Entertainment (Carnival Mas Band)

Monday Nite Jammerz (Monday Nite Mas Band)

Mt Hope Connection (Carnival Mas Band)

Muddy Angels (Carnival Mas Band)

MudsterzInk Mas (J'Ouvert & Mud/Paint Mas Band)

Mystique Production (Junior Carnival Mas Band)

Oasis Carnival (Carnival Mas Band)

Old Fashioned Sailors Traditional Carnival - Sailor Mas Band

Paparazzi Carnival (Carnival Mas Band)

Paradise (Carnival Mas - Truck Band)

Passion Carnival (Carnival Mas Band)

Petle Mas (Carnival Mas Band)

Pepper Jouvert (J'ouvert Mas Band)

Poise (Junior Carnival Mas Band)

Powderaders: The J'Ouvert Experience (J'ouvert Mas Band)

Pulse 8 (Carnival Mas Band)

SALT - Cure for D'Mas (Carnival Mas Band)

Sangeet 06FM (Carnival Mas Band)

Saphyr (Carnival Mas Band)

Showtime Trinidad Mas Band (Carnival Mas Band)

Silver Mudders (J'ouvert Mas Band)

Simone Edwards (Monday Night Mas Band)

Skandal-Us (Carnival Mas Band)

Spice Carnival (Carnival Mas Band)

Splash D-Mas Band (Carnival Mas Band)

Step by Step Promotions (Junior Carnival Mas Band)

Stephen/Villaruel and Associates Traditional Carnival - Sailor Mas Band

Susan & Ricky Gomes (Junior Carnival Mas Band)

Syn City Jouvert Band (J'ouvert Mas Band)

T&T Patritios (J'ouvert Mas Band)

Tantrum Carnival (Carnival Mas Band)

Taymo Creation (Carnival Mas Band) 

The Lordstreet and Break-a-Leg Productions (Monday Afternoon Mas)

The Lost Tribe (Carnival Mas Band)

The Spoilt Rotten Kids Group (Junior Carnival Mas Band)

Tribe (Carnival Mas Band)

Trini Revellers (Carnival Mas Band)

Vianney & Associates (J'ouvert Mas Band)

Vulgar Fraction (Tuesday Mas Band)

Utopia Mas (Carnival Mas Band)

Waterloo (Junior Carnival Mas Band)

WD Entertainment (J'ouvert Mas Band)

Wee International (Carnival Mas Band)

Whyte Angels (J'ouvert Mas Band)

Wild Mas (Carnival Mas Band)

Word and Associates (a Roman Catholic Organisation) (Carnival Mas Band)

Yellow Devilz (J'ouvert Mas Band)

YUMA Vibe(Young, Upwardly, Mobile, Adults) (Carnival Mas Band)

Richard Bartholomew (Carnival Mas Band)

Roam Mas (Carnival Mas Band)

Ronnie and Caro (Carnival Mas Band)

Rosalind Gabriel (Adult & Junior Carnival Mas Band)

Rugeri Promotions (Carnival Mas Band)

GEMS Mas (Carnival Mas Band)

Generations Carnival (Carnival Mas Band)

Generation Lion Jouvay (J'Ouvert Mas Band)

Masquerade (Carnival Mas Band)

Mas Jumbies (Carnival Mas Band)


Steelpan bands

Angostura Woodbrook Playboyz Steel Orchestra, (Panside Mas Band - Carnival Tuesday only)

Good Times Mas Inc., (Panside Mas Band - Carnival Tuesday only)

Invaders (Panside Mas Band)

Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars (Panside Mas Band)

PCS Silver Stars (Panside Mas Band)

Phase II Pan Groove (Panside Mas Band)

Starlift (Panside Mas Band)

White Oak Starlift Steel Orchestra (Panside Mas Band)

WITCO Desperadoes Orchestra (Panside Mas Band)




Hott Stuff Promotions (Junior Carnival Mas Band)

Jouvay Ayiti (J'Ouvert Mas Band/Monday & Tuesday Nite Mas)



R Bailey & Associates Carnival Mas Band

Winston Black

(Junior Carnival Mas Band)



La ta Caille Kidz (Junior Carnival Mas Band)



Chase Village (Carnival Mas Band)

ICandy Carnival J'ouvert (J'ouvert Mas Band)

Junabo Productions (J'ouvert Mas Band)


San Fernando

Bad Promotions (Monday Nite Mas Band)

Abzal Shaffie & Associates (Carnival Mas Band)

Adrian Foster (Junior Carnival Mas Band)

Ballerz and Associates (J'ouvert Mas Band)

Barbershop Crew (J'ouvert Mas Band)

Beach and Associates Ltd. (Junior Carnival Mas Band)

Curtis Reefer (Carnival Mas Band)

D Jammerz International (Carnival Mas Band)

Dev's Barber Shop Crew (J'ouvert Mas Band)

Fantasty Island (J'Ouvert Mas Band)

Firework Promotions (Carnival Mas Band)

Gayle & Associates (Carnival Mas Band)

Generation Youth Promotion Band (Junior Carnival Mas Band)

Gregory Nurse & Associate Traditional Carnival - American Indian Mas Band

Jacqui Koon How (House of Jacqui) (Junior Carnival Mas Band)

Jacqui Koon How (House of Jacqui) & Shut up and Wine's Mas Band (J'Ouvert Mas Band)

Kalicharan Carnival Band (Carnival Mas Band)

Latchu Productions (Junior Carnival Mas Band)

LeGall and Friends (Carnival Mas Band)

Lionel Jagessar (Carnival Mas Band)

Mas Lovers & Dem (J'ouvert Mas Band)

Owen Hinds (Carnival Mas Band)

Pan Mas Traditions Traditional Carnival - Sailor Mas Band

Paula Baird & Friends (TnT Government J'ouvert Mas Band)

Property of Hunters International (J'Ouvert Mas Band)

Rainbow Colour Promotions (J'ouvert Mas Band & Carnival Mas Band)

Riley's Xperience (J'ouvert Mas Band)

Sherone Providence (J'ouvert Mas Band)

Southern Mas Associates Traditional Carnival - American Indian Mas Band

Steve Clarke & Pleasantville Posse (Carnival Mas Band)

Tag Team Promotions (J'ouvert Mas Band)

The Sinking It Deep Bar (J'ouvert Mas Band)

Too Bad Promotions (Monday Night Mas Band)

Tribal Connections Traditional Carnival - American Indian Mas Band

Tribes (Carnival Mas Band)

Undercover Promotions (J'ouvert Mas Band)

We People International Mas (Carnival Mas Band)

Kalamo Kings Steel Orchestra (Panside Mas Band)



Bagatelle Dutty Camp (Tobago J'ouvert/Mud Mas Band)

Callaloo People (Tobago Carnival Mas Band)

D Hardest Hard Sports and Cultural Club (Tobago Carnival Mas Band)

D' Creators Mas (Tobago Junior Carnival Mas Band)

Fantasia (Tobago Carnival Mas Band)

FX Gym (Tobago Carnival Mas Band)

Gaskin Bay Players Ltd. (Tobago Carnival Mas Band)

George Leacock (Tobago J'ouvert Mas Band)

Gloria Stoute & Associates (Tobago Carnival Mas Band)

Island Mix (Tobago Carnival Mas Band)

J.D. Fantasy (Tobago Carnival Mas Band)

Jems City (Tobago Carnival Mas Band)

Judith Aguillera-Nero & Friends (Tobago Carnival Mas Band)

Lue-Ann Melville (Tobago Carnival Mas Band)

Marcellin and Friends (Tobago Carnival Mas Band)

Mason Hall Village Council Folk Performers (Tobago Mud Band)

Pixie and Friends (Tobago Carnival Mas Band)

Roachie Mas (Tobago J'ouvert Mas Band)

Roxborough Police Youth Club (Tobago Junior Carnival Mas Band)

Sanaa (Tobago Carnival Mas Band)

Spice (Tobago Carnival Mas Band)

Wilcox Morris (Tobago Carnival Mas Band)

Zante Dance Company (Tobago Carnival Mas Band)

Tobago AllStars Steelband (Tobago Jouvert Mas)

Fog Angels (Tobago J'ouvert Mas Band)

Frolic Central Mas (Tobago Carnival Mas Band)


Do you know of other bands? Is your band missing?

Send us an e-mail with the band’s name, location, type and some proof of its existence like a registration with the National Carnival Commission or pictures from your celebrations to email or comment below.


(Information courtesy the Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Development Company (TDC). Data analysis and infographics courtesy Moritz Wichmann.)

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