Saturday 4 July, 2020

LISTEN: 7 SpiceMas hits to add to your playlist for Carnival 2018  

Since the Carnival season wrapped on our shores in February, the Carnival frenzy continued in full swing throughout the region. If you’re a carnival fanatic and have been festival hopping, you’d have a pretty good idea of which soca tracks have been lighting up the airwaves, and eventually the road.

These tracks eventually make its way to Trinidad as our Carnival season picks up for the following year.

Grenada soca has always held a special place in our Trini hearts, with its raw, oil drum-infused beats, and with artists like Mr. Killa, Tallpree and Lavaman, it’s easy to bring out the inner jab jab in all of us.

As SpiceMas comes to a close, there have been a number of tracks that have been on heavy rotation. Here are our seven picks that we predict will be major hits for Carnival 2018:


1. Wink Eye SaltfishSand Man

Grenadian artist/producer/songwriter Sandman teamed up with newcomer producer Kay Frass to create a hilarious song which tells the story of a Jab Jab travelling to Grenada’s sister isle Carriacou to part take in the annual Carnival festivities and ends up biting more than he can chew. The infectious beat laden with horns easily identifies with Grenada's world-renowned Jab Jab sound.



2. Last Horn, Blaka Dan

As is the case with many during the Carnival season, soca artist Blaka Dan sings about his struggle to stay faithful to his girlfriend during the Carnival, finding it even more difficult when he gets the best wine of his life.


3. Top StrikerLil Natty and Thunder

They may have come second at Soca Monarch officially, but for the people, Lil Natty and Thunder are THE Soca Monarchs for 2017. This track was on repeat for pretty much the entire season, and partygoers and masqueraders lost their collective minds every time Top Striker played like it was the very first time. We may not have heard the song before arriving in Grenada, but it quickly became our favourite by the end of the season.


4. Hold Down, Lil Kerry 

This track's infectious beats make it very difficult to sit still. Hold Down speaks to all of us Carnival babies: that unbridled energy and freedom you feel in a fete or on the road...and the need to not be restricted by anyone or anything.


5. King, Blaze

If we didn't know any better, we'd think this track was made by a Trini. With the opening line, "Wey d lime dey?", this track speaks to our intrinsic desire to find a good lime and feel like we're on top of the world (or the road) when we're jumping up with our team.


6. Dash It, Lil Natty and Thunder

On the Bowl Out Riddim, Lil Natty and Thunder have made our list again, this time telling the story of what they do after police show up unexpectedly while they have some...*ahem*...paper in their possession.


7.  Jab Jab Uniform, Boyzie

If you didn't know before, we suggest you listen to Boyzie as he tells us the standard attire to transform into a Jab Jab. Hint: it's not much.




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