Loop app of the week

Loop app of the week is back, giving you our picks for Android, iPhone and Windows.


Microsoft Translator 

Microsoft Translator helps you translate phrases in 50 different languages. Translator can also speak phrases for you in case you’re nervous about accidentally saying something insulting through pronunciation.

Bonus: available for iPhone and Windows Phone. 



Moodnotes works like a journal that helps keep track of your mood and offers advice in certain situations. The app was created in partnership with healthcare professionals. The app isn’t free but worth download if you need to de-stress. Don't believe us? Check out the video. 



Many of us understand that Windows Phone doesn’t have nearly the depth when it comes to apps. But, due largely in part to an active developer community, that’s changing. One such example is Nimbus. Nimbus is a client for Soundcloud that lets you tap into the service on Windows Phone. Search for music by genre, artist and what’s trending.