Saturday 11 July, 2020

Loop Sunday Lunch - Crispy Baked Chicken Thighs

This recipe for Crispy Baked Chicken Thighs from The Salty Marshmallow is a quick easy way to have Sunday Lunch ready without the fuss. 

Crispy Baked Chicken Thighs

Prep Time: 5 mins

Cook Time: 35 mins

Total Time: 40 mins

 Servings: 8

Calories: 206 kcal



- 3 Pounds Chicken thighs, About 6-8

- 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

- 2 Teaspoons Salt

- 2 Teaspoons Garlic Powder

- 2 Teaspoon Onion Powder

- 2 Teaspoons Italian Seasoning

- 1 Teaspoon Black Pepper

- 1 Teaspoon Paprika


1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Line a large baking sheet with foil for easy cleanup and set aside.

2. Remove the chicken thighs from their packaging and pat them dry with paper towels. Arrange the chicken thighs on prepared baking sheet and drizzle with the olive oil rubbing the oil into the chicken to coat.

3. In a small bowl mix together the salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, Italian seasoning, and paprika.  Sprinkle the spices over the chicken evenly.

4. Bake chicken in preheated oven for 35-45 minutes.

Serve with potato or garden salad, and a glass of your favourite juice. 

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