Thursday 20 February, 2020

Lost tickets blacklisted for Fete with the Saints as party sells out

The organisers of St Mary’s College Fete with the Saints are warning that anyone who finds a batch of tickets that went missing will not be given entry to the fete.

The tickets: 1609, 1610, 1535, 1536, 2325 and 2326, were lost by people who bought those tickets.

Brevard Nelson, President of the St Mary’s Past College Students Union, organisers of the fete, said no one with those tickets will be allowed entry.

Speaking to Loop about the increased demand for tickets ahead of the fete which comes off tonight at the school’s ground in St Clair, Nelson said the event has been sold out for the last six years.

He said, however, each year the demand for tickets start earlier resulting in tickets being sold out almost a month ahead of the fete this year.

Tickets this year cost $1000.

“We have been focused on delivering an event for the patrons so when people come they will get a quality event with the best food, best drinks, best customer service from the time they walk in, and ambiance. In every single area we turn it up a notch and we try to top it every year,” he said.

Nelson said or the last two years, people who couldn’t get tickets previously, started approaching the committee for tickets as soon as they were released so that regular patrons who waited a little longer found that there were no tickets available when they were ready to purchase.

“We printed more tickets and expanded the events to do more but at the end of the day it is only so many people we could accommodate in the space without robbing people of an enjoyable experience,” he said, revealing that 4800 tickets were sold.

Fete with the Saints will feature Machel Montano’s first performance with his full band as well as Kes the Band.

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