Monday 30 November, 2020

The Lounge: Son of legendary producer to revive popular South event

There was a time when public calypso launches were among the most anticipated pre-Carnival events. 

Earl Crosby did it, shutting down the Western Main Road in St James and in San Fernando, Kenny Phillips did it near his home on the Palmiste Greens. 

A legendary calypso and soca producer who has worked with practically everyone in those industries, Phillips did the showcase as a way to show off new and emerging talent alongside more established ones. 

Having grown up only hearing about the event which drew thousands, Phillips' younger son Kyle wants to continue his father's legacy. 

Producing under the name Badjohn Republic, Kyle works with several artists and wants to provide a platform for many of the new names to showcase their work. 

He came to The Lounge to tell us about his plans to revive On the Greens and gave a little reveal into some of the music he will be doing for Carnival 2019. 



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