Saturday 28 March, 2020

Luxurious launch for Peroni Nastro Azzurro

Photo courtesy Epidemic Studios.

Photo courtesy Epidemic Studios.

For a true taste of Italy look no further than Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

The premium imported beer was launched in fine style at The Bungalow Restaurant and Lounge, St Clair, January 31.

The beer was launched alongside a fashion show showcasing the work of local designers including CLD by Charu Lochan Dass, SJW Designs by Sarah Jane Waddell and Brown Cotton Caribbean by Risanne Martin.

The designs were inspired by the iconic style synonymous with the brand.

The versatility of the beer was on full display at the launch – blended into cocktails and infused into cakes.

Photo courtesy Epidemic Studios.

The best-selling beer is being distributed by NWT Enterprises, which also distributes Coors Light, Seagram's, Duvel, Maredsous, La Chouffe, Magic Hat and Blue Moon brands of beer in addition to Moussy Malts and Saratoga Spring Water.

The light, crisp-tasting lager is brewed with real Italian craftsmanship, and high-quality ingredients like Italian maize and exceptionally pure water. The refreshing, light-bodied beer has a balanced aroma and smooth aftertaste.

Speaking at the launch, NWT Director John Tannous said Peroni is a fresh, new offering compared to what is currently on the market.

“A challenging beer landscape with a one size fits all approach has created a disconnect with consumers who want to be exposed to more of what life has to offer. They lack meaningful connection to the beers they drink.

To achieve this, it requires fresh, innovative thinking. Our answer is Peroni - the number one best-selling and trending beer in the world’s top bars.”

Photo courtesy Epidemic Studios.

Tannous, the owner of Tommy’s Brewing Company at Fiesta Plaza, Port-of-Spain, said he was confident the brand would be well-received as he drew parallels in Italian and Trini cultures.

“Italians prioritise a vibrant and happy lifestyle, focused on eating, living and drinking well… we Trinis do those things well.”

He noted that while the brand is synonymous with the luxurious lifestyle, style and attitude of Armani, Ferrari and Prada, consumers can rest assured that Peroni is reasonably priced.

You can grab a bottle of Peroni at most groceries for around $12, while at bars it’s around $15 – comparable to the price of a Seagram’s.

Tannous said he hopes to see the brand grow in popularity on the local drinking scene.

“Our job going forward is to bring this brand to life. We will continue to work feverishly to keep pushing for an equal playing field so that when it comes to variety we can assure that decisions are made by consumer demand and not producer power.”

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