Sunday 15 September, 2019

Machel to release 20-song album, Road March on Thursday

Machel Montano

Machel Montano

Machel Montano’s Road March contender will be released on Thursday, the same day as his 20-song album.

Entitled G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time), the same name as his album, the Road March song will be a highly anticipated one given his recent lyrical war with Iwer George who claims to have the Road March this year.

Speaking to Loop on Friday, Montano said the Road March for him is more than just a prize.

“Every time I step to express myself it is very important. It is important that I express myself with clarity and as conscious as I can and with some benefit to humanity. People look at it like is a prize.  Let’s come away from the title, what is a Road March? It is the song that creates a certain vibe and feeling that can achieve critical mass. People gravitate to it, jump to it as one, they feel a certain level of passion, joy, and freedom…every road is a stage. When I make songs, I make songs to invoke feelings in people. It starts by invoking feelings in me. I use the best melodies, musical tones, drums, rhythms to make people move. What you put in is what you get out,” he explained.

Montano said despite talk about bacchanal and mafia, it is the people who determine the Road March.

“It is the voice of the people which is the voice of God. But if I am into making music, I don’t ever step up to make it halfway. I want it to be the best.  I am making music reflecting the highest expression of who I am, the best I can possibly be. Everyone wants their song to be Road March, why wouldn’t you want to have the best song in the country? The Road March is a consequence of what I do. I make music for masqueraders to jump out of their skin, that’s it. I am dropping it when the album drops. The rest is up to the people. I intend to give them the best song to jump to, the best song to cross the stage, the best song to feel what they are feeling, the ultimate feeling.”

The soca king said the song and the album are named after his belief we are living in the greatest of all times, especially for soca music.

The album, he said, will contain a bit of tradition with the inclusion of Calypso Rose and input from Charlie Rawlston, the legendary founder of Charlie’s Roots, as well as inputs from younger people such as Shontelle Layne, the Barbadian songwriter, Skinny Fabulous, Jamesy P also of Barbados and producer Travis World.

“In my world right now I have some of the greatest people to collaborate with,” he said.

Outside of the writers and producers, Montano has continued his trend of collaborating with other singers.

His song, The Road, with R&B singer Ashanti, came thanks to Travis, the young producer who did his winning Road March song ‘Soca Kingdom’.  

“Road was written by Jovan James and produced by Travis last year but I had other songs so I said let’s hold it for next year. We held it and I also had an idea to do it with Rihanna and I did a demo…it was a different idea than what was written for Ashanti. Travis asked me this year asked if I was interested in doing something for Ashanti, cause someone from her camp reached out to him. I said Travis this one, The Road, is the perfect song for her but we need to decide if we want to make it an internationally-poised collaboration or keep it for us. I thought the smartest thing was to keep it hardcore,” he said.

Another collaboration that Montano is very proud of his the one with Jacob Desvarieux of Kassav on the Motto-produced song Dancè on the Ole Ting riddim.

“There are certain people in this music industry that I grew up looking at and learning from. In the days of Pranasonic Express we would tour the Caribbean and do work with them. In my teenage years, we learned so much from them and Burning Flames from Antigua. These were people we would study just like how we would study David Rudder and Charlie’s Roots, Kalyan, Ronnie McIntosh.

“Motto from St Lucia, who I work with and is a fresh influence with Dennery and Bouyon connections, he sent the idea of Dancè and I thought this was a good French collaboration. I have been doing work with the French market for some time, been building the connections. At the same time, we were doing the Dominica World Creole Music Festival and Kassav was on the Friday night and we were on the Saturday. I purposely went the Friday night to ask if we could collaborate,” he explained.

Montano revealed that he is working on getting Kassav to Trinidad for Machel Monday.

Touching on his show which comes off on the Monday before Carnival, Montano said it is always about taking a snapshot of what is happening in soca.

“Last year Soca Kingdom was about succession and shining a light on young people and emerging talents, the next kings and queens of soca. Machel Monday tries to be the best snapshot for industry and culture and where it is at. From soca kingdom this year it is about we are the greats, we want to celebrate ourselves as being great. We celebrate our greatness, there will be great collaborations on the night…Caribbean unity, island music, where we are at right now. I will put on display some of the trends happening in the future. Some of the biggest names will be there. We are setting the tone that this is the greatest of all time for soca music,” he said.






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