Sunday 21 October, 2018

Maharaj slams 'political vilification' of 'Massive' Gosein's song

Chutney soca artist Nermal 'Massive' Gosein said the cancellation of this year's Chutney Soca Monarch competition is connected to his controversial hit 'Rowlee Mother Count', which he was going to perform at the competition.

Gosein's media representative Devant Maharaj said it is strange that the cancellation comes after Gosein was approved to perform his song, which was condemned by the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT).

"It's very instructive that the government is pulling out of the Chutney Soca Monarch, which is a well-established fixture on the Carnival calendar for over 23 years when Massive Gosein, with his politically vilified song by the present administration, has just been accepted to perform at the competition," Maharaj said.

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On December 29, 2017, Southex CEO George Singh announced that Gosein would be allowed to perform his song at the 2018 Chutney Soca Monarch, after the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) issued a warning to the Trinidad and Tobago Publishers and Broadcasters Association (TTPBA).

However, on Thursday, Singh announced that the event was cancelled after he was told that that the Chutney Soca Monarch would no longer be receiving funding from the NLCB, as per an email received from the Ministry of Finance. 

Maharaj added that the NLCB has also been accused of misspending, which should also be investigated. 

"I find this development very interesting given the fact that the NLCB (National Lotteries Control Board) was just revealed to be engaged in a huge squandermania in the Parliament," he said.  

"Only on Boxing Day, they (the NLCB) spent over $300,000 on Boxing Day Specials in the races," he said. 

In November 2017, Maharaj said he had written to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and the Integrity Commission (IC) requesting an investigation into alleged misspending at the NLCB

In October 2017, Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal said in Parliament that friends and families of staff members had been receiving expensive gifts.